Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Principles

By: Adrian Cruce

The weight loss industry in the US is a billion dollar business. So much money is spent on weight loss and it is so tough to know what works and what does not work. Most of the US citizens basically eat too much. When you are way too stressed and the body is exhausted and depleted, excess weight is very hard to let go. Chinese medicine is revolutionary in many ways, using strategies and techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Chinese medicine has a very straightforward approach to weight loss, one that revolves around Qi, energy levels and making it much easier to lose weight.

Always remember the following if you are interested in losing weight with a more Chinese approach.

Food Filled With Natural Life Energy

You basically want to eat food that is as full of QI as possible. Whole foods like vegetables, fresh fruits, organic meat and whole grains are highly recommended. Make sure that you avoid the packaged or refined foods and that you avoid artificial chemicals added to food. That is especially the case when referring to advertised diet food and artificial sweeteners. Quality is always much more important than how much you eat.

Always Eat Mindfully And Slowly

You want to have enough time available to eat and you need to avoid meal distractions like TV, computers or social media updates. If you take the needed time to fully enjoy food sensations and flavors it is easier to end up feeling satisfied without having to overeat. Healthy digestion is also going to be supported, which is definitely a great thing.

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Often Changing Dietary Regimes Is A Bad Idea

If you feel gassy, bloated or sluggish after you eat, there are problems that need to be solved. Be sure that you never change diets too often and that you pay attention to how you are going to feel after you eat. This is easily going to support well-being and the foods that are the best for your body.

Body Natural Rhythms

Your body will have a natural rhythm. You need to respect it at all times. Your breakfast has to be hearty, with the time between 7 AM and 9 AM being the best time to eat. Your nutritious lunch should follow and the dinner needs to be light and early.

Go To Bed Early

You will want to go to sleep before 10:30 PM since this allows your entire body to detoxify. Your liver is particularly important. It will clean itself between around 1 AM and 3 AM. Deep sleep should be present before 1 AM in order to receive full sleep benefits according to Chinese medicine. Getting enough rest is very important for having a healthy metabolism.

Qi-Enhancing Activities

There are so many that you can use and that will help you much more than what you initially expect. This includes Qi Gong, Tai Chi, nature walks, restorative yoga, gardening and much more. Exercising is necessary for the body, especially if you are prone to burnouts. Bringing energy into balance is very important.


Chinese medicine seems to use acupuncture for practically everything, including weight loss. There are many that say they used acupuncture in order to help reduce compulsive eating and cravings. That is what helps. Acupuncture does not directly offer weight loss. However, it can definitely help.

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