About us

Welcome to Health Annotation, a one stop resource for many health related topics of high importance for millions of people from around the world. We understand how important health is and know that people normally live a lifestyle that is not at all healthy. Our goal is to help change that. Health Annotation presents articles of a highly complex mix, with expert authors giving you access to important advice you can use to live a truly healthy life. If you are interested in contact us, please use the Contact Us Page.

Meet The Team

Boris Dzhingarov – Founder & Owner

Boris loves life and traveling. He is an aspiring entrepreneur that already lives his dream of traveling the world. As you can imagine, all that traveling would not be possible without good health. Boris has been athletic his entire life. He particularly loves swimming but health as a whole is a passion for him. He launched Health Annotation to help people deal with problems that they face due to diseases they do not understand while also helping visitors improve their lifestyle.

You will often see Boris talk about yoga and meditation, or alternative medicine, some of his huge interests. More about this on his more spiritual blog. Boris practices meditation every single day, an activity he started after realizing its therapeutic benefits while running in Costa Rica.

Adrian Cruce – Editor

Adrian has been interested in health for over ten years now. He holds a degree in injury rehabilitation that he got after getting injured at the gym and eventually moved towards learning as much as possible about various health topics, ending up practicing numerous sports, martial arts and yoga. He brings his experience to the Health Annotation blog and you can expect a lot of inside information from him.