Beating Dandruff Using At Home Remedies

By: Dzhingarov

Dealing with dandruff without really expensive products is not as far-fetched as some of you might think. There are various home remedies you can utilize to deal with dandruff, which is often caused by yeast infections, skin related ailments and even an unhealthy diet.

Dandruff can appear because of various reasons and the truth is that it is sometimes hard to treat. Getting rid of the unwanted white flakes often revolves around trying different methods in order to see exactly what works in your case. Because of this, if you notice that you use one of the dandruff beating home remedies mentioned below and the problem still does not disappear, try something else. When you try many and nothing is improved, just go to the doctor as you might need a special shampoo created according to your own body needs.

Baking Soda

You want to wet the hair and then simply add some baking soda. Rub it in and be sure the scalp is massaged. After you are done massaging you need to rinse properly, preferably with the use of a high quality mild shampoo. Baking soda is going to counter overactive fungi growth. This makes the entire scalp stay cleaner.


This is a home remedy most people do not know much about. It is because salicylic acid (the real substance in aspirin) is actually an important ingredient in various shampoos designed to treat dandruff. The way in which you can use this at home is to just crush 2 tablets and make a powder. Then, add the powder to the shampoo. The solution can just be used as you normally wash your hair but you can also just leave it stay on for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

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Another surprise for many, mouthwash can be really good in helping you deal with dandruff. Mouthwash also offers freshness, which is something you surely want. Try to wash the hair with a regular shampoo first. Then, use alcohol-based mouthwash for the last rinse. That is simply because of anti-fungal properties that inhibit dandruff producing yeast so hair ends up much shinier. However, you would also have to use a good conditioner.


Salt has abrasive qualities that are great for dandruff problems. All you need to do is sprinkle some of it on your scalp. Massage with the use of circular motions just like you do when you use a scrub. That is going to cleanse your entire scalp and can leave it span and spic, all perfectly ready for shampoo application.


Garlic is a really great option to deal with some dandruff related problems but you will need to be able to deal with the smell. Using garlic is actually one of the oldest remedies used by people from all around the world. This is because garlic has really strong anti-fungal properties. If you want to get rid of the odor, just combine garlic with some honey. The past can be applied to your scalp just before you shampoo for the best possible results.