Tai Chi Weight Loss Benefits You Most Likely Know Nothing About

By: Adrian Cruce

There are so many misconceptions that exist when referring to Tai Chi. Many see it as a dance and as nothing that is useful for the human body. This is definitely not the case and is just a misconception. Tai Chi stands out as an internal martial art that increases longevity and brings in so many interesting benefits that help you physically and psychologically.

The popularity of Tai Chi is constantly growing and the truth is that you will not realize why that is the case until you actually practice it. When referring strictly to weight loss, the advantages are brought forth by the fact that the martial art uses slow movements. It was proven that slow movements bring in extra calorie losses that are higher than downhill skiing or surfing.

Tai Chi And Calories Burned

tai chi weight loss

To put it as simple as possible, Tai Chi will help you to burn more calories than what you take in on a daily basis, thus promoting weight loss. It is basically a moderate calorie burning form that requires around 15 minutes daily, which bring in a loss of 70 calories. That does not seem like much but when used daily, the body will get used to this and will automatically start burning more and more as your metabolism is increased.

Keep in mind that when you practice for 15 minutes every day for a full year, you are faced with 25,500 calories that are burned off. That is definitely a lot of loss, which translates in around 7 pounds of fat. Keep in mind that most people out there do not actually practice just 15 minutes so the calorie burning benefits automatically increase.

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Combining Tai Chi With Proper Nutrition

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No matter how much Tai Chi you do, it is quite obvious that nutrition also needs to be perfect. While statistics do not lie and it was proven that this martial art helps in burning calories, this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want.

It is always vital to have a balanced and healthy diet. When you do that, Tai Chi will actually be even more effective. Eating properly is what helps the body to transform into a stronger vessel for energies and various extra benefits. Make sure that you motivate yourself by monitoring weight loss and practicing every single day.


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Tai Chi is basically based on movement in graceful, slow and ballet-like motions. While you practice, you are moving in one way or another. This basically means that you are faced with constant movement, which improves the metabolism and overall circulation. These two will always help you to reach the weight loss goals you may have. Improved circulation will replace the toxins that are found in your body. Your blood flows faster and this brings in a wide range of interesting health benefits.

On the whole, Tai Chi is about patience. Make sure that you take all the time that you need in order to find someone that actually has the knowledge to teach you properly. Remember that you do not need a diploma to teach Tai Chi so there are many instructors that do not help you as they cannot actually help you properly. With this in mind, make sure that you take all the time that may be needed in order to actually be able to lose as much weight as possible through Tai Chi.

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