Using The Cobra Position To Beat Menstrual Cramps And 2 Other Poses That Help

By: Adrian Cruce

Only women know how tiring and stressful menstrual cramps can be. If you are now tired of having to deal with headaches, cramping, bloating and all the monthly period stress, yoga is an option you surely want to take into account. There are many myths surrounding menstrual cramps. One of them is that you need to rest. What you should know is that activities like yoga can actually do so much more and help women to ease the cramp pain. Experts all agree with this. The pose that is often mentioned as the best to deal with menstrual cramps is Cobra. However, others do exist, including the two we highlight.

Yoga Cobra Pose

Cobra is a yoga pose that will strengthen your lower back, arms and muscles. It relieves menstrual pains and constipation. If you are stressed and you are feeling painful menstrual cramps, you want to include Cobra in your yoga routine.

You do Cobra when you lie on the belly with the head resting on folded arms. Then, you raise the head up gently while the hands are stretched on the sides, just like they were a part of an anchor. Your head needs to tilt backwards and the back needs to arch, just as if there was someone that was pulling from the back. Bend backwards as your butt is relaxed. As the arms are completely stretched, hold the position, relax the back and let arms carry body weight. Then, as with every pose in yoga, breathe in and then breathe out.

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Yoga Camel Pose

This is a pose that will clear and open up your abdominal region. This relieves back and even menstrual pain. An added benefit is that the body is strengthened and digestion is improved.

Take your yoga mat and kneel down. Hands have to be placed on the hips. Extra cushion is recommended for the knees in order to make everything more comfortable. Arch the back and inhale as arms are sliding towards heels. Make sure that the neck is not strained and that you maintain a good neutral position. Stay in this position while you breathe. Go back to the initial position in a slow, controlled manner.

Yoga Lotus Pose

Lotus is another really good yoga pose that helps deal with menstrual cramps by reducing muscular tension and blood pressure. At the same time, abdominal region organs are stimulated, ankles and knees are stretched and the mind is calmed.

The problem with the Lotus pose is that it is not as easy as a beginner may want to see. Perform the pose just with guidance from an experienced trainer. You start with the simple meditative posture. Put your right ankle over the left hip. Be sure that right foot sole faces ceiling. Do the exact same thing with the left foot. Count as much as you feel comfortable then reverse this pose. Beginners can also consider the Half Lotus variation. You basically do just one side first and then move on to the next side. Do be sure that you focus on breathing and keeping your body relaxed.

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