Use These Yoga Poses When You Feel Down!

By: Dzhingarov

Some days are just so bad and your mood is low. You can feel irritated, anxious, tired and stressed without even knowing why that is the case. You try hard and nothing improves. This may be simply because of the fact that you have a lack of blood that is properly oxygenated reaching your brain. It was proven that this can lead to bad mood and yoga can easily help with that. If you feel down, make sure you seriously consider the following great poses.

Matsyasana – Fish Pose

The fish pose will open up your throat and chest. Oxygen rich blood is going to flow right towards your throat’s back and straight towards the brain. This is a pose that is particularly useful and helping managing anxiety while reducing pains and aches causing bad mood. A great idea is to do this move before you are going to bed. It will help you to properly rest and then prepare for the following day with much more energy.

Balasana – Child’s Pose

You so often see Child’s Pose in Yoga routines because of a pretty simple reason: it is really restful. At the same time it is wonderful for your brain. The dome shape that is created will stretch the back, thighs and hips. You are going to end up with more endorphins inside your body and your mind is going to calm down as you rest in the pose.

Inversion Poses

Various different inversions like the headstand, big toe and downward dog will help lower and maintain proper blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure you are much more susceptible to various mood disorders, with depression and anxiety being high on the list. The poses are going to be really therapeutic in helping deal with the symptoms appearing when hormone challenges are present.

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Boat Pose

The pose is very good at strengthening limbs and making your core stronger. So much is included in this yoga pose. As you practice you normally end up faced with some negative thoughts that run through your head. The idea is to focus on breathing. Boat pose practice makes you see the calm seas that are going to soon appear and will help you to actually believe this.

Balance Poses

Bad moods can also be improved with balance poses like Eagle or Tree. They are going to require concentration so you take attention away from what the mind sees as troubles. As you focus on breathing you remain in the moment and your balance is maintained at a figurative and literal level.

Final Thoughts

Yoga as a whole is really good to help you deal with mood problems. It has helped many people affected by depression and anxiety. Combine it with meditation and you are faced with something that is going to surely make you a lot better equipped to deal with bad moments in your life than before. Start with the poses above and incorporate them in your daily routine. Alternatively, use them when the mood is low.