What is Ayurveda?

By: Adrian Cruce

Modern medicine is relatively new when referring to the history of humanity. Before this we had Ayurveda, which was developed in India. It is even now a highly powerful and sophisticated system that focuses on the mind-body connection.

We can basically define Ayurveda as being a medicine system that was created to remove physical body imbalances and offer mental clarity necessary to modify an unproductive mindset. The main principles that are respected are:

  • The body and the mind are directly connected.
  • Transforming and healing the body is all possible through the mind.

The ancient physicians in Ayurvedic medicine often used meditation in order to balance the body and the mind, together with other secrets, like Turmeric. Modern Ayurveda though is so much more complex. It focuses on various life aspects, including the following.

The Unique Mind-Body Type

Ayurveda is always personalized for the patient. This is because of the belief that every individual is different, with a mind-body type that has to be considered in order to make a good choice in regards to supplements, exercise, diet and lifestyle.

Flavorful, Colorful Diet

For the body to be healthy, food has to be nourishing. Nutrition is a fundamental part of Ayurveda. It is important to include the 6 tastes in all meals: sour, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent and sweet. This practically allows a person to be sure that all the major nutrients and food groups will be represented in diet. At the same time, you need to fill plates with rainbow colors. This means consuming foods that are deep purple, red, blue, orange and green.

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Getting Enough Sleep

In Ayurveda the importance of sleep is high. This does not mean just sleeping the classic 6 to 8 hours per night. Sleep has to be restful. It is said that when you do not have enough restful sleep the body’s balance is disrupted. At the same time, aging is sped up and the immune system is weakened. Remember that restful sleep means you will not use alcohol or pharmaceuticals.


It is believe that the body will express itself by offering signals of discomfort and comfort. Exercising is all about that in Ayurveda. You want to train as your body wants to. That means you have to choose something that will not create discomfort. When the body is eager and comfortable, the exercise routine is a great one.

Digestive Power Strength

Ayurveda teaches that good health is connected to how the body can metabolize emotional, nutritional and sensory information ingested. Digestive energy is known under the name agni. If Agni is present, healthy tissue is created while waste products are efficiently removed. If agni is not strong, digestion will be incomplete. Toxic residue then accumulates, leading to energy, nourishment and information obstruction flow.

Steady Gains

Ayurveda tries to align you with nature and forces that surround life. All is connected to not trying to force what happens. The idea is that when you look at nature everything that happens is not forced. Birds simply fly and grass simply grows. Nature will function with ease. The least effort will be expended when individual actions will be motivated by the energy of love. Energy is wasted when chasing money, status, accolades and power. You are taught to always take it easy and at your own pace.

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