The Best Yoga Stretches To Do After A Long Flight Or Car Ride

By: Adrian Cruce

After a long flight or car ride, you are exhausted and you might experience pain from the uncomfortable positions you were forced to sit in for a long period of time. Yoga stretches can help you to restore balance and to relieve the pain you might experience so, without further ado, here are the best yoga stretches to do after a long flight or car ride:


Malasana is a yoga pose you can do anywhere and it is a great pose for those who experience lower back pain. Lower back pain is common after a long flight or car ride so doing this pose will allow you to feel better.

How to do the pose: Begin the pose standing with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your toes out slightly and lower yourself hips down into a squat. You should aim to have your hamstrings touching your calves but that might not happen if you are very tight after the car ride or flight. You can do this pose in an airport or in a parking lot since you do not need a yoga mat or anything else. If you have problematic knees or you had a knee injury at some point, you can keep your hands on the ground for support. This yoga pose is meant for stretching your lower back so there is no need to put unnecessary weight on your knees.

Legs Up the Wall

Another great yoga stretch post travel is the legs up the wall position. This yoga stretch is particularly great if you have swollen ankles or calves. The pose helps to get your blood moving and it relieves pain and fatigue in the lower body.

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How to do the pose: Lay on your back close to a wall. Put your legs up the wall. Your calves and tailbone should touch the wall, however, if your hips are too tight, move a few inches away from the wall to make the stretch less intense. Relax in the pose for as long as you have to and come out of the pose gently.

Figure 4 Pose

Figure 4 pose is a great yoga pose for stretching your hips and it can be done in two different ways – standing or laying in your back.

How to do the pose option no.1: If you opted for the standing pose, put the ankle of one of your legs above the knee of the other leg. Use your standing leg to bend like you would do for chair pose. Keep your upper body relaxed. After a few breaths, switch legs.

How to do the pose option no.2: Start in the same position recommended for the legs up the wall pose and place your ankle above your knee as we mentioned in the option no.1 of the figure 4 pose. Switch legs after a few breaths.

Sun Salutations                                                                       

The day after your long flight or car ride or after arriving at your destination, do sun salutations. Even when you are moving overseas, you can stop the car at any point during the trip and do some salutations. They are a great way to start the day since they stretch all the major muscles in your body but they are also great after sitting a long period of time in the same position.

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