Relieve your back pain with a spinal fusion surgery

By: Dzhingarov

The spinal fusion surgery is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of back pain.


The lower back ache is also known as the lumbago and is one of the most common ailments that bother most of the people in this world. There are various reasons that cause the lower back pain and some of them can be quite complicated too. In complicated cases of lower back pain, the best choice of treatment is the spinal fusion surgery. If you have such ailments like the scoliosis, disc diseases, spondylosis, kyphosis etc that results in severe back ache and renders you completely unable to work or function normally, then you should opt for the fusion surgery of the spine with the help of a spine surgeon.


The fusion surgery of the spine is actually a surgically created bone bridge made from solid bones between two or more adjacent bones that are also usually free and mobile in functions. It is a surgery that links two or more vertebrae within the spine. It helps in creating a stable spine and also restricts the motions between the various segments of the vertebrae.


The spine is originally made from several vertebral bones that are stacked on top of the other. In between the vertebrae are the discs that can lend the mobility of the spine and also acts as the shock absorber in the process. There are two joints at each level of the vertebrae and they are called the facet joints. These joints and the additional structure allow the person to rotate and bend in different directions.

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The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...
The lumbar region in regards to the rest of the spine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there are various ways of approaching for the spinal surgery, all the procedures involve the removal of the discs and addition of the bone graft to that particular area of the spine. This process of the surgery sets the biological response within the spine that causes the bone graft to grow. This creates a solid and a bony bridge across the vertebrae and stops the motion of the spine in that segment. When the motion of the spine is restricted, the previous painful segments become free from pain.


This kind of surgery can be done either at the single level or at the multiple levels of the spine. All kinds of acute and chronic spinal instabilities can be cured with the help of the spinal surgeries whether it is the fracture that is bothering you or the disc extrusion or other degenerative changes in the ligaments, cartilage or the discs of the spine. Some of the various processes that are involved in the spinal surgery include the following:


  • Posterolateral gutter fusion,
  • Posterior lumbar interbody fusion,
  • Anterior lumbar interbody fusion
  • Anterior and posterior spinal fusion.

The kind of fusion surgery you require is determined by the doctor depending on the underlying cause of the lower back pain that you are suffering from. Now that you have some basic information about the various kind of spinal surgeries, if you feel any kind of low back pain, do not waste time, instead visit your doctor soon and get treated.