Using The Salutation Seal Yoga Position To Ease Carpal Tunnel Pain

By: Adrian Cruce

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve. The pressure can be a result of repetitive motions of the wrist such as typing or other motions of the wrists. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) symptoms include weakness in the hands, tingling sensations in the hands, and feeling of numbness in the hands. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is more common is people who have diabetes, arthritis, hypothyroidism or those who are obese or overweight.

People who were diagnosed can ease carpal tunnel pain by doing various yoga poses including the Salutation Seal.

Salutation Seal or Anjali Mudra is a great level one yoga pose for those who have CTS and experience carpal tunnel pain because the pose strengthens the arms, wrists, hands, and fingers and increases flexibility in those areas as well. Keeping your hands in the prayer position is a gentle exercise that will ease the carpal tunnel pain and will allow those with CTS to fight their pain with calmness. Salutation Seal also reduces stress and a great way to induce a meditative state of awareness.

How To Do The Salutation Seal Yoga Position

Step 1

Sit down cross-legged in Siddhasana or stand up in Tadasana.

Step 2

Inhale and bring your hands together in the center of your chest. Rest your thumbs on your sternum.

Step 3

Press the hands against each other firmly and evenly. Make sure your dominant hand doesn’t dominate the other hand. Increase the pressure on the other hand if you feel like the dominant hand applies more pressure than your non-dominant hand.

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Step 4

Slightly bow your head, lift our sternum and lengthen the back of your arms by making your elbows heavy and slightly lifting the arms.

Hold the pose for approximately five minutes. Don’t forget to focus on your breathing and make sure the pressure you apply with your hands is equal and there is no imbalance between the dominant and non-dominant hand.

Salutation Seal Variations

There are some variations of the Salutation Seal yoga position that you can try to ease carpal tunnel pain. For example, you can do the Salutation Seal with a thick book between your hands. Stretch your palms and the fingers on the book. Try to open your heart more and then put the book down and try to do the same thing without the book between your hands. Make sure your palms are situated in the center of your chest right below the sternum.

If you feel that you need more stretching in your arms, you can start in the classic Salutation Seal pose with your hands in the center of your chest and you can raise your hands pressed together to the center of your forehead and even above your head. By doing this you will strengthen your arms, wrists, and hands more than in the classic position.

After practicing this pose for a few days, you can try to do some Sun Salutations too and use the standing Salutation Seal as a starting pose for your yoga practice. Sun Salutations are also great for strengthening your wrists, arms, and hands and they can alleviate some of the pain you might experience due to CTS.

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