Tai Chi Vs Yoga – Benefits Compared

The choice between Tai Chi and Yoga is usually based on the knowledge that people have about them. If you have friends that practice one of them, you will be tempted to choose exactly that. A better approach would be to focus on information and comparing associated benefits. Both Tai Chi and Yoga will focus on precise movements and attempt to coordinate the practitioner’s heart, mind, bones and muscles, bringing in positive energy. Goals are similar but the truth is that there are some differences in the benefits you receive.

Differences In Focus

At first glance, you will believe that movements and positions in these two are similar but they are really different. The Tai Chi session will focus on movements that are relaxed. Postures will evolve constantly but you will not have pause as the body moves from one of the postures to the next. Yoga will focus on stillness with a posture being held for minutes or seconds. Meditation and controlled breathing are used by both practices.

Medical Benefits Of Yoga And Tai Chi

Both of the practices are really good at treating pain that is associated with some medical conditions. It was proven that Tai Chi will improve arthritis symptoms, Parkinson’s disease and high blood pressure. Regular yoga practice was proven to reduce heart rate, relieve physical pain, alleviate depression symptoms and lower blood pressure. Both of these practices can improve life quality when dealing with heart disease and even cancer.

Stress Reduction

We do have difficulties in comparing the two practices when thinking about stress relief. Both of these methods will use an approach that will calm the individual. This is especially true when referring to the mind, not necessarily the body. The truth is that you have to actually try both in order to see what calms you more. Stress reduction varies from one person to the next. In the event that you will love constant movement and hate holding a yoga posture, it is obvious that you have to choose Tai Chi. If you get calmed by yoga stillness, this is what you have to try.

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Balance Improvements

Tai Chi does require a constant movement so your balance will be improved as you learn to move from one position to the other. Tai Chi will help you to improve balance, no matter your age, while also aiding in removing failing fear in older people. Yoga has an emphasis on static poses, thus allowing balance improvements in still positions. Stability is drastically improved by yoga.

What Should You Choose?

Just as we mentioned with stress, the most important thing at the end of the day for you is to basically try them both. You cannot really know what is better for you before you try them both.


Boris Dzhingarov follows up alternative medicine advice to keep himself in good shape and health condition. According to him healthy living is a matter of choice and should be a lifestyle.