How To Restore Body PH Balance

By: Dzhingarov

The body’s pH balance is really important for overall health. A high stress lifestyle and the regular Western diet will usually promote drops in your pH, making the body much more acidic. If you have a pH of 1, you have it at the maximum of acidity while 14 is maximum alkaline. The human body has an ideal pH of 7.35.

Why Should You Care About pH Balance?

In the event that there is an improper pH balance present in the body, you can be faced with so many symptoms that you want to avoid like weakness, osteoporosis, fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, diabetes, water intention, frequent sighing, high blood pressure, frequent colds, high cholesterol, joint aches, rheumatoid arthritis and migraines, with various others that can appear.

Why Is pH Balance Affected?

The perfect pH balance is a little less acid than alkaline. Various body processes will regulate pH balance. The most important thing to consider is calcium since it is the most prevalent of the minerals inside the body and when there is not enough calcium, the body will release calcium from bones, trying to correct the problem.

When you follow a bad diet, the body can easily become more acidic. Calcium insufficiency can cause osteoporosis and so many other problems, like those mentioned above. Unfortunately, the standard American diet will be deficient when referring to calcium.

Other causes of ending up with a more acidic pH ratio in the body include kidney diseases, toxemia, diabetes, fear, anger, anorexia, stress, worry, alcohol or using some pharmaceutical drugs.

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Solving pH Body Problems

For starters, you will have to consume foods that are alkaline forming. This automatically helps in rebalancing acidic pH. 80% of the foods you consume have to be alkaline forming, according to most specialists out there. Examples of alkaline forming foods include carrots, raw fruits, onions, mangoes, sea vegetables, papayas, melons and beets. Acid forming foods include coffee, sugar, refined flour, salt and sodas.

Make sure that you also consume foods that are rich in chlorophyll. It will help in raising pH levels for foods that you consume. Most of the vegetables are alkaline forming. This does include celery, dill, leafy greens, parsley, peas, sprouts and even zucchini.

If you want a faster fix, do drink lemon water. We naturally believe that these foods are acidic but this is just a misconception. Limes, grapefruit and lemons are actually alkaline forming foods. When you consume lemon water, liver function will be improved while receiving useful quantities of vitamin C.

The last tip that we do have to offer is quite simple: manage stress levels. People that have a positive attitude and that are not faced with too much stress will have lower pH levels in their body. Alkalinity is always promoted when stress is reduced. Try to use deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and stretching. It will help much more than you believe.

On the whole, modifying your diet is the best thing that you can do. However, the other tips that were mentioned can also help, much more than what you may believe at the moment.

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