Massage For Constipation – Is This A Good Idea?

By: Adrian Cruce

Colonic massage is the name of the massage that you would get in the event that you are suffering from constipation. It is something that sounds weird and complicated. Those suffering from such a condition will not want to think about this option since the pain is really strong.

Keep in mind that regular exercise can help you out a lot. Even some gentle strolling is helpful but there are situations in which internal stomach and intestine movements will be sluggish. You may need a helping hand. Colonic massage will be really simple and will offer an almost immediate constipation relieve, aiding even with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation.

We warmly recommend that you consider massage for constipation since it is something that would help you out a lot due to really high efficiency. Even if you do not want to use massage, make sure that you take care of the constipation since it can easily lead to various problems that are a lot more serious.

Colonic Massage Benefits:

  • If someone is suffering from low stools, the bowel movements will be cut down.
  • Get rid of what is known as trapped wind, which is definitely something that can cause a lot of pain.
  • Will help in moving the stools like peristalsis, being especially effective if more than 2 days passed since you went to the bathroom.
  • Helps ease passing stubborn and hard stools.

Performing Colonic Massage At Home

If you do not feel comfortable going to a massage therapist like a full body massage in London, you will want to try to perform massage for constipation at home. That is because it is quite simple. Using as much pressure as you see as being necessary is not at all difficult. You will need to use finger tips, the hand’s heel or your knuckle in the intestines’ in direction so that you simply offer a really strong helping hand.

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You should start right above the groin area and use small circular massage movements as you work up towards the torso, up to the rib cage, moving towards the left side, working then down towards bottom left and easing into the stomach’s middle, moving towards your rectal region. Swift relief will usually appear in a short period of time.