When Should You Consider Reflexology?

By: Adrian Cruce

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology consists in a serious of massaging techniques used to relieve tension and treat illness. This type of therapy is based on the theory that on feet, hands and head there are reflex points linked to every part of the body and pressing those points helps the body to heal itself.

What Conditions Can Reflexology Help With?

  • Mental Health Conditions

The most common conditions reflexology can treat or alleviate are related to mental health. People who suffer from stress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders indicate they feel more relaxed, they sleep better and they have an overall better life after a few sessions of reflexology.

  • Bone Conditions

Besides conditions related to mental health, reflexology is also utilized to relieve physical pain of patients who suffer from arthritis, back pain, sciatica and even sport injuries.

  • Hormonal Imbalances And Fertility Problems

On the long run, reflexology can have a positive impact in the lives of people who suffer from hormonal imbalances or have fertility problems. Of course, in these cases, medication, diet and other lifestyle modifications are required, but reflexology can help improve the results of the traditional methods, while giving the patient a more positive perspective that can help with the problems.

  • Pregnancy Conditions And Labor Preparation

Being a very relaxing type of therapy, reflexology is usually recommended to pregnant women as a preparation for labor. Reflexology give future moms a sense of power that help them when they experience the pain of labor. During these type of reflexology sessions women also learn how to control their bodies and to direct their efforts towards their goals. This learning experience allow women to experience the child birth in a totally new perspective.

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If the woman has some pregnancy conditions she should manage, reflexology helps with stress relief and with other symptoms a woman may experience.

  • Migraines And Nausea

Migraines and nausea can be caused by many medical conditions but due to its nature, reflexology can help with the pain caused by migraines, especially if the pain is a direct consequence of stress related conditions. Even if the cause of the migraines and/or nausea is not stress, reflexology can provide pain relief because it can help reduce the pressure a patient feels and it can also help the patient to relax and to learn how to control his pain before it ends up in a terrible migraine.

  • Chronic Illness

Even though there are not enough scientific proofs that reflexology can treat cancer, diabetes or other serious medical conditions, there are enough proofs that they can help with the pain, the stress and other symptoms a person suffering from a chronic illness may have.

What Happens During A Reflexology Session?

A reflexology session can vary based on the condition the patient is suffering from. The patient and therapist will go through the health history of the patient together and after that they will decide the curse of the first reflexology sessions and the number of reflexology sessions needed for the condition the patient is trying to alleviate.