Improve Your Health With Home Aromatherapy

By: Adrian Cruce

Aromatherapy is not only for relaxation after a tough day or week, aromatherapy can be used at home for better health. This great and inexpensive way to promote health and well-being ha numerous benefits for your body and mind but also healing properties.

Some problems, such as insomnia and headaches can be hard to treat but studies shown that these types of problems can be improved with aromatherapy. Menstrual pain and respiratory infections can also be treated with aromatherapy. Anxiety, depression and stress can also be reduced by using certain aromas and the same thing goes for nausea or pain.

If you experience headaches or nausea, peppermint should help you feel better. For menstrual pain it is recommended to use lavender or rose aromas for massaging the abdominal area. Lavender and rose are also great for anxiety, stress and/or depression. Using a vapor run with menthol, eucalyptus and camphor will fix help you with respiratory infection and if you experience pain, you should try chamomile.

There are also seasonal aromas you can use to fight various problems that you an experience throughout the year. Cold and allergy remedies are very common but there are other seasonal aromas you can test.

How To Use Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be used in different ways including topically (one of the most common techniques), aromatically and through baths.


This common technique involves placing essential oil on pule points – inner wrists and elbows, temples, back of the neck and/or inhaling the aroma of essential oil from your palms after putting a few drops in your palm and rubbing your palms together.

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If you want to benefit from the aromas all day long, you will need a diffuser but you can also try steam inhalation if you prefer. The second recommendation is particularly good for those who have respiratory problems.


Adding essential oils to your bath can help you relax and relieve some of the pain you might feel from siting at a desk all day long or from activities that require a lot of effort from your body. Usually one or two drops of essential oils will be more than enough for a bath.

General Advice About Aromatherapy

Before using aromatherapy at home for better health, be sure to make a skin test. Most essential oils are highly concentrated so it is important to do not skip this step. Place one or two drops of essential oils on your inner arm and wait for a few minutes. If you don’t feel any discomfort, you can use the oils. Make sure you do this test with every new type of essential oil you use and use vegetable water to coat the area then wash with warm water and soap if you feel discomfort or your skin is turning red or becomes itchy.

Dilution is also very important especially if you use aromatherapy topically. Make sure you always have vegetable oil (preferably olive oil), coconut oil or almond oil to dilute the essential oil before applying it to your skin. This will prevent skin reactions since the area of the absorption increases.