How To Increase Vaporizer Battery Life

By: Dzhingarov

Many e-cig users eventually notice that the battery life of their vaporizer is not as long as in the past. Various battery problems can appear, like it not charging or simply not lasting as much as desired. Fortunately, there are different things that can be done in order to increase the battery life of a vaporizer. Most of the tips below are a lot simpler to respect than what many believe.

Turn Off The Battery After Using It

Power can so easily be saved when you just turn off the device as it is not used. The same principle applies to any electronic gadget in your home, like the TV set. Most people leave vaporizers on since they think no power is used. When the vaporizer is on, it does drain battery power. Just turn the e-cig off and your battery life instantly becomes longer.

Regularly Use Vape Batteries

A battery used inside the vaporizer is quite similar to what you find inside a smartphone. This means daily use is needed in order to maintain high performance levels. When you do not use the battery every day, it simply slowly loses power. Just try to use the vape batteries every single day, even if for a really short period.

The exact same rules should apply for back-up batteries. If you have some, make sure that you use them all in rotation. If you do not, you can easily end up with at least one battery that does not work as well as it should.

Do Not Overcharge Batteries

It is really tempting to just leave the battery inside a charger and pick it up in the morning. It is convenient to charge the vape as you sleep but this does reduce battery life. The battery ends up damage as it reaches full charge levels and keeps charging. You are much better to charge the battery only until it is at full levels. Then, you want to remove it from your charger to extend vaporizer battery life.

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Do Not Drain Vaporizer Battery

One thing that many do not know is that less energy is required to recharge the vaporizer battery when it did not end up fully drained. You should start charging around the half-full level so the battery is not faced with extra strain that is just not needed. If the power level of the battery gets too low, much more energy is required for charging.

Full Charge Storage When Not Using The Battery

In the event that the battery is not going to be used for a longer period of time, like a few months, you want to charge it to maximum levels before it being placed in a storage location. When the battery is not at full charge, slow drain happens. As you pick it up since you want to use it again, it is harder for the battery to reach full charge. Overall lifespan is decreased and you have to replace the e-cigarette battery much sooner than it should be.

Clean The Vape Battery

In many cases the batteries end up pretty dirty. E-liquid spills from time to time and dirt exposure is always high. Cleaning your vape battery is a habit you should have. The problem is when a battery is dirt, the connection between the vaporizer and the battery is weak. The battery needs to work a lot harder in order to produce the power you need for the great hit you love. Also, drain is faster so you have to charge the vape battery much more often than when you just clean it.

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