Should A Yoga Teacher Get Liability Insurance?

By: Adrian Cruce

The truth is that yoga injury lawsuits will rarely happen, but this does not mean they are impossible. It is very important for every single yoga teacher out there to have the right liability insurance policy in place. This is a great way to keep the entire business safe, which is exactly what you want at the end of the day since it is impossible to help others if you cannot practice due to legal problems.

Liability Insurance – A Need

Every single yoga instructor has a commitment to spiritual growth, ethical growth, and development. Unfortunately, the physical side of things does not always manage to properly keep up. You can be faced with bone, joint, or muscle injuries. Instructors can be very careful and mindful when it comes to teaching students the right form. But, even so, an injury can happen. The relationship between the student and the instructor can be very positive and still a lawsuit for the personal injury can be filed.

According to an experienced Allentown truck accident attorney who also dealt with several yoga-related injury lawsuits in the past, yoga instructors rarely expect their students to get injured and then sue. As a result, they only get the regular small business insurance policies they have to. Besides those, getting commercial liability insurance is something that should be considered. It can cover the injuries your employees or your company cause to all third parties. This does include injuries while practicing in a class or even slip and fall incidents because of a wet floor. The best liability insurance policies include costs of mediation, trial, attorneys, and even settlement funds.

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Liability Insurance – Available Options

The yoga teacher does need to have liability insurance. At the same time, there are other insurance plans that should also be considered. Some of the options you should take into account are:

  • General liability insurance – This will protect the business against liability when employees injure anyone, damage property, and when slip and fall incidents happen. Based on the commercial lease you have, this type of insurance might be required.
  • Professional liability insurance – This offers protection for when customers accuse the business that they suffered some sort of financial loss because of an omission, negligence, or an error with the services offered.
  • Disability insurance – This will protect the business when an individual suffers financial loss or is injured. The difference with the other options is that income is protected for an amount of time when talking about a serious illness or accident.
  • Umbrella liability insurance – This will protect the business for the claims exceeding general liability insurance coverage.

Because of how complicated matters can become, whenever there is a client injured at the yoga studio you run, or you are the one injured as you do yoga at a studio, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with an experienced injury lawyer who could offer you the legal assistance needed. Do not underestimate how serious injury claims can be. Even if, with yoga studios, they are rare, it is definitely possible and the business needs to be protected.