What Is The Link Between Sport And Health?

By: Dzhingarov

It is obvious that there is a link between sport and health for every single person that knows a lot about this topic but there are still so many that have no idea about the physical, mental and emotional benefits that can be gained. Let us just go through the most important benefits so that you can understand why it is a very good idea to start practicing sports for health reasons.

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Mental Health Benefits

Sport is really important from a mental point of view and that is due to various reasons. For starters, practicing sports will increase body oxygen flow. Such an increase will instantly improve focus, memory and cognitive abilities.

Sports can have a positive influence on different conditions like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and will make the body react better, gaining stronger coordination. Never believe that you only practice sports for physical benefits. The mental side is also really strong. Sport and health make you mentally stronger.

Physical Health Benefits

As you can easily imagine, various facts can be mentioned but we can divide them in two major categories:

  1. Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Sports definitely bring in various cardiovascular benefits. Besides the fact that it helps in building muscle mass, it will also improve circulation. Better cholesterol levels appear in the human body when sports are practiced. In addition, it helps a lot in preventing hypertension related problems like strokes or heart attacks.

  1. Other Physical Health Benefits

Health and exercises are always connected to each other. The amount of exercise that you gain when you play sports will decrease risks associated with osteoporosis, stroke and diabetes. There are even some types of cancer that will be prevented when you practice sports. This is backed up by scientific proof.

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Emotional Health Benefits Of Sports

  1. Stress And Endorphins

Sport and health are connected when referring to the mood that you are in. The body will release endorphins whenever playing sports. In case you were not aware of this, endorphins are neurotransmitters. When you increase endorphins in your body, you end up feeling happier. To make things even better, stress hormone levels are decreased.

  1. Social Interaction Benefits

This is directly connected with team sports but you do gain social interaction benefits because of the fact that playing sports will make you more comfortable with yourself. You will end up spending more time with friends and you can even get new friends form the team you are a part of. When you win, you feel accomplished and this improves emotional health almost instantly.

Don’t Neglect Sports

It is very important that you think about what sports you like and what you would enjoy playing. The view above is minimalistic since it does not actually do justice to all the benefits that appear when connecting sport and health. We can say that sport and health are connected in a way that is direct and you will end up feeling a lot better from both a physical and a mental point of view.