Best Healthy Fat Foods You Want To Eat More

By: Adrian Cruce

It is such a shame to notice that many do not know about the existence of healthy fat but since you are here, you are definitely not in that category and you know that there are many healthy fats that are beneficial for your body. The problem in many situations is that it is difficult to find foods that are going to include all the nutrients they should but the good news is that the following are not at all difficult to find in supermarkets. Just avoid the canned versions since they usually include too many processed items and various nutrients are lost.


Avocado is really taste on your sandwiches or in guacamole. This fruit is really good for the heart and can aid you to deal with the osteoarthritis symptoms easier due to the natural healthy fat included. As an extra benefit, as you consume avocados together with other foods, the nutrients will be better absorbed by your body.

Dark Green Vegetables

We do not think about vegetables including healthy fat but that is exactly the case with kale, Brussels sprouts and spinach. Omega 3 content is high and the body will simply love that, together with the other nutrients that are included. Keep in mind that the omega 3 content in the vegetables is not as high as with fish though so more would have to be eaten.


Various nuts are great sources of healthy fats from pecans to hazelnuts, all being wonderful for the heart. That is especially the case when referring to walnuts as the heart healthy fats content is really high. The only thing is that you have to be sure that you are not overdoing it since this can be quite common. One serving is one ounce. Do not go for more.

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There are many fatty fish that you can add to your diet. The best sources are herring, sardines, lake trout, salmon albacore tuna and mackerel. The omega 3 fatty acids in them are really useful, highlighting great good fat sources allowing you to maintain a healthy heart. To make matters even better, the fat in these fish will help keep a sharp brain, being a necessity as you age. Around 2 fatty fish servings per week are recommended with a serving being 3 ounces. If you get sick and tired of fish, do not worry much since there are so many ways in which you can cook it.

Olive Oil

Doctors try so much to convince people to use olive oil instead of the regular oils used in cooking. It is perfect as a salad dressing due to the high healthy fat content. Just make sure that you do not overdo it, as with practically everything that you eat. Olive oil is really valuable as you do not have to use as much as with the regular oil, less than what you see listed in the ingredients list of a recipe. Applesauce can also be used for 50% of the required oil when you bake so that you can cut down on some calories.


Doctors will tell you that you have to limit egg consumption. That is the case and you have to always limit intake to around 1 daily but you do not want to miss ion it. The protein content is high and the fat content is under 5 grams, most of it being healthy. There are even eggs that include extra Omega 3 fatty acids as they are enriched. These are available in supermarkets.

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