NeuroKinetic Therapy For Low Back And Neck Pain

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a corrective movement system that is quite sophisticated. It is a bodywork movement therapy technique that is useful as both rehabilitative techniques and assessment for neck pain, various injuries, carpal tunnel and low back pain.

This is a technique that was co-developed by David Weinstock. He used it in order to treat various disorders, all based on MCC (Motor Control Center) programming inside the cerebellum. The basis of this technique is found inside the brain. Just as the baby first learns to stand, participants learn how to improve posture and movement in order to improve various conditions you are faced with.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy is utilized in order to treat various conditions, with a focus put on pain and injuries. We will stay focused on the two conditions that are more commonly treated through this technique: low back pain and neck pain.

NeuroKinetic Therapy 2

Low Back Pain

In most situations, low back pain appears due to bad ergonomics, poor posture, lifting heavy objects, constipation and obesity. When faced with muscle tightness appearing in the lower back area, the reason behind this is having weak abdominal muscles. Hips can be of a different height, can be twisted and various other conditions can appear. NeuroKinetic Therapy helps out a lot in treating this.

There are many different movement techniques that can be used. In some situations the practitioners will use support belts at the start of the treatment. They can easily be bought locally. Most of those that want to use this technique for improving low back pain will want to treat sciatica, which is a condition that sees the nerve pain moving.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can appear due to various different reasons, leading from bad ergonomics and poor posture to accidents and whiplash injuries. You can easily end up faced with painful motion range that is reduced, an inability to lift the head from the pillow, shoulder pain, head and neck pain and even tingling in the hand and arm.

In the event that you regularly find yourself at a desk, looking down for long periods of time, the neck’s back area can spasms. Front neck muscles are going to be weakened. NeuroKinetic Therapy can easily aid you by improving the functionality of all neck muscles. In most cases, the practice will help out in removing absolutely all pain in the neck. However, in serious cases, a lot of extra treatment is necessary.


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