A Breakthrough in Pain Management

By: Dzhingarov

One of the top reasons that people are so interested in attempting to use CBD oil for back pain is because of its numerous pain relieving properties. Back pain ranks as one of the most disabling conditions, and almost one in eight Americans suffers from it at some point during their lives. It is not surprising that many pharmaceutical companies have turned their attention to this natural painkiller. However, there is now a great deal of evidence indicating that CBD can offer pain relief for those suffering from back pain and other similar conditions. In this article, we’ll examine what the science says about CBD and back pain.

cbd oil for pain

One of the reasons that CBD oil trial offer has gained recent attention in the healthcare community is because it appears to provide some of the pain relief that people who suffer from arthritis, neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and certain forms of cancer experience. This is a growing field, so let’s get started by listing the top-rated CBD oils for chronic pain. The two most promising plants right now are the cannabis plant, which may have the greatest medicinal value of all of the cannabis species, and CBD. Both plants appear to be quite effective.


The two CBD extracts that are most frequently used are THC and CBD. These two plants are often combined in oral medications that can also contain other substances such as terpenoids. What makes these two oils different is that they contain a higher level of THC than CBD. Research indicates that THC is less conducive to addiction than CBD, while CBD is more similar to THC in terms of how it affects the brain and the central nervous system. People who use cannabis in large amounts, or who smoke marijuana, are very likely to develop psychological addictions to the plant, which may account for why it is so addictive.

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How Does CBD Work For Chronic Pain?

To understand how CBD can help someone with chronic pain, it is necessary to review the structure of the plant. Like many of the other essential oils found in nature, CBD is created through a complex series of chemical reactions within the plants’ leaves and stems. First, the flowers and leaves are covered by a waxy, wax-like substance called phytocannabinoid lipids. This lipids act as both a hard coating and a shield for the various chemicals and enzymes that are responsible for the plant’s growth. As the plant grows, the phytocannabinoid lipids provide the hard surface on which the various cells grow and divide. It is this specialization of CBD that allows it to be the basis for the many successful pharmaceutical applications currently available.

When CBD is administered, it is quickly absorbed by the body into the tissues. In fact, it usually takes up the majority of the lipid tissue, which then fills the spaces left by the hard surface. Once inside the cells, the lipids play an important role in keeping the cell membranes healthy and functioning properly. In addition, the lipids prevent the formation of inflammatory molecules, which can contribute to pain in any form. For this reason, CBD can be very effective in treating a wide range of painful conditions, including headaches, nausea, chronic inflammation, and more. These benefits make CBD one of the most powerful natural substances available for the treatment of pain.

The success of the CBD lies in the fact that it is so different from the pharmaceutical products on the market. Unlike prescription and over the counter drugs, which only mask pain temporarily, CBD treats chronic inflammation throughout the body, not just the area being treated. Moreover, unlike these other treatments, CBD is a nonselective anti-inflammatory; it does not act to handle a certain inflammation or cause relief for a different one. By combining CBD with other natural substances, scientists have been able to create an incredibly successful natural solution to almost every type of chronic health problem.

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