Trager Approach Overview

By: Adrian Cruce

Trager Approach stands out as a highly interesting education practice that aims to help an individual to experience himself/herself as a healthy hole. It was created by Milton Trager and combines movement, curiosity and touch. The idea is to create long-lasting modifications that help you to be a better version of yourself.

trager approach

Trager Benefits

The Trager practitioner basically learns how to read how the habitual movement patterns of the client affect his/her life. Clients are basically learned how to move towards a more efficient and comfortable movement way. They will be supported to develop a better day to day functioning. Trager Approach stands out as quite effective and studies proved the fact that so many conditions are impacted positively.

Trager Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

So many interesting benefits can be highlighted. As a simple example, when suffering from sciatica, you have problems in returning the body to a regular awareness level, which is necessary in order to lower the impact of symptoms. Using Trager is useful since it will practically remind the body about normal movement. The feeling experience is practically recalled and deeply held tension patterns allow pain and discomfort to disappear.

We also have some interesting benefits that are associated to the teacher/practitioner. He/she will deeply respond to the client’s feelings, straying away from protocol and adapting to the situation that appears. The clients are basically engaged as partners for the healing process.

Training Program Certification As Practitioner

Various Trager training programs exist at the moment and you can easily take advantage of one that is suitable for you. It will basically prepare a person for certification as a practitioner of Trager. In most cases, we are faced with programs that involve around a couple of hundreds of experiential learning with weekly meetings. The certification programs involve the development of attitudes, skills and knowledge that are highly important for the practitioner.

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Completing a Trager Approach program will get you ready to:

  • become highly focused on connectedness state
  • facilitate the client sessions
  • educate people about what the Trager Approach is all about
  • demonstrate competent and confident Mentastics and tablework for an effective facilitation,empowering and support.