Rosen Method Movement Overview

By: Adrian Cruce

Rosen Method movement stands out as one of the body movement techniques that are quite easy, fun and interesting. The classes are set to music and focus on some unhurried movements that are designed to quickly improve flexibility and alignment. Patients will be faced with an increased range of motion, a deepened body awareness and easiness in breathing. All the movements can be done individually or can be done with partners in circles.

Rosen Method Movement

Quick History

This exercise form was developed by Marion Rosen with the main purpose of preventing physical difficulties even before they appear and help clients to age gracefully and feel better. The body movement technique developed will be perfect for those that are not used to working out and will normally use all joints. Movements can be adapted in order to aid those that have different physical limitations or that simply experience pain.

Rosen Method Movement Benefits

There are many benefits that can be highlighted. In most cases the patients are faced with pain relief and vitality increase. This technique also aids at a psychological level, helping people to improve life quality. You want to go through the Rosen method in order to gain the following:

  • a relaxation of muscular holding and muscle tension
  • a deepened emotional and physical awareness
  • an increase in vitality and flexibility
  • personal growth
  • a complementation of other psychospiritual disciplines and therapeutic modes

Rosen Method Movement 2

Who Will Benefit From The Rosen Method?

  • People with physical discomfort and pain
  • People with chronic stress
  • People with postural problems and muscle tension
  • Those that want to use bodies for a self-expression like public speakers, athletes and performers
  • Those feeling overextended
  • Those looking for emotional, spiritual and physical growth
  • Those undergoing psychotherapy
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The Rosen Movement will offer an interesting vision of well-being and health, aiding in enabling people to live fully and openly. International recognition was achieved as some studies proved the technique’s ability to help deal with muscular pain and tension while also improving self-esteem, flexibility and posture.

It has to be mentioned that people of all walks of life and all ages can practice the exercises. All classes are restorative and preventive at the same time. You will end up with increased circulation in the joints, thus aiding in loosening muscles and improving motion range.

Most patients are drawn in by the fact that music is added, making movements a lot more enjoyable. You can thus go through fun and complex movements, improve your coordination and balance. The Rosen Method will create a relaxation experience and will lead towards well-being. Try it if you are looking for joy, ease and brand new vitality.