How To Increase Metabolism Speed

By: Dzhingarov

Metabolism looks like a myth for some, a story for others. Not much is understood about it. Most people do not know why it is important and how to speed it up. Since you are here, you surely know why you have to take metabolism into account for a healthy lifestyle. We will not focus on that. We will focus on those methods that can be used in order to increase the speed of your metabolism. This is what is very important since it helps you to stay healthy, lose weight and even build muscle mass.

Always Eat The Appropriate Number Of Calories

You have to understand that the metabolism is basically a body chemical process that would convert food into fuel. The BMR (basal metabolic rate) is how many calories are going to be burned naturally during resting periods. If you know this number, you will basically be aware of the number of calories that have to be consumed in order to maintain the current weight while making your metabolism operate properly.

Calculate Calorie Burning

You do not just sit the entire day. You also move around so you have to be able to calculate how many calories you burn so that you can factor this in. If you want to lose weight, all that you have to do is remove 500 calories from the number of how much you need on a daily basis. This can be done through eating less and working out, preferably doing them at the same time.

Work Out Regularly

This is highly effective at increasing metabolic rates. So many studies were done that highlighted the fact that 3 cardio sessions weekly will increase rest metabolic rate. By working out effectively, you help the body to burn calories even when you rest. If we consider tabata workouts, the sessions are actually even more effective, allowing you to burn more and preparing your body to offer a response: increase metabolic speed.

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Lifting Weights

One muscle pound will always burn more than one fat pound. In fact, the difference is 9 times more. Weight lifting is the most effective way to get rid of metabolic drops that naturally appear as you age. You do not even have to worry a lot about it. You just have to incorporate the general weight lifting exercises in your workout plans.

Grab A Bedtime Snack

This will definitely be something that you will not agree with since it looks like everyone tells you that you should not eat anything after 8 M. In reality, if you eat around 150 calories around half an hour before you get into bed, it is beneficial as it boosts the metabolism during the morning. Just make sure that this snack is made out of mostly proteins.