Is Beer Good For You? 11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Beer

By: Dzhingarov

People have been talking about beer’s health benefits for a long time. There are even many that say beer is good for you. However, the truth is definitely in the middle. We have to acknowledge the fact that there are some interesting health benefits associated with moderate beer consumption but there is one part of the equation that you should think about when you make your final decision.

So, do you love beer? Let’s talk about its health benefits and see if it is really good for you.

Beer’s Nutrients

Most of what you drink is water. 90% of beer is simply water. However, there are numerous nutrients that are present, including a little bit of calcium, phosphorus, soluble fiber, zinc, sodium, potassium, fluoride, silicon and selenium, just to mention a few. Nutrient composition always depends on beer ingredients. Also, the brew’s antioxidant profile is mainly coming from malt.

Beer Might Boost Bone Health

In beer you can find dietary silicon, which is quite important for development and growth of connective tissue and bone. The American Medical Association discovered that moderate beer drinks were actually at 38% less risk of developing osteoporosis. Another study highlighted that moderate drinkers were 20% less likely to have to deal with hip fractures. This might be due to the presence of dietary silicon.

Cholesterol Improvements

You are always told that beer makes you fat but a study done by the American Heart Association in 2016 analyzed 80,000 Chinese adults to come to the conclusion that moderate drinking led to slower good cholesterol decrease. However, heavy drinking practically eliminated this benefit.

Possibly Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Different studies highlighted that moderate alcohol consumption reduced type 2 diabetes risk by around 30% when comparing with both heavy drinking and not drinking. However, this is not conclusive and more tests need to be carried out. Take this with a grain of salt.

Possibly Boosting Psychological And Cognitive Health

Research done on people suffering from Parkinson’s showed that moderate or even light drinking during the later stage of life will lead to lower cognitive decline. Nothing is known about why this was happening. However, beer drinking in moderation does have psychological benefits. There are studies that proved moderate beer consumption to reduce tension and stress while increasing well-begin feelings.

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Protecting Your Heart

When it comes to reducing cardiovascular risks, wine is the alcohol that gets the credit. However, beer can definitely be heart-healthy, according to Italian researchers that discovered the fact that moderate beer drinking lowers heart disease by 42% when compared to not drinking. Maximum protection is offered when consuming just 1 pint with 5% alcohol per day.

Beer Makes You Smarter?

When you drink a couple of beers you will not be smarter but your creativity might receive a much wanted boost. A study done on 40 men showed that those that were drinking beer are more capable of solving problems, with a speed of some seconds over those that were sober.

No More Kidney Stones?

Finland researchers discovered that one bottle of beer that is drank daily will lower kidney stone developing by around 40%. There is no actual explanation why but it might be due to 2 things:

  • High fluid intake helps the kidneys to properly function.
  • Beer hops make bone calcium release slower so kidneys no longer have to deal with painful stones.

Faster Recovery

A study carried out in Spain was done on students that were exercising until body temperature reached 104 degrees. After that, they rehydrated with water or beer. Those that used beer were actually more hydrated afterwards than students that used water.

Confidence Boost

Researchers in Great Britain found that people found themselves as being more attractive when they consumed more alcohol. This is no secret but a second study showed that it is true, with people thinking that they are more funny, smart and even good-looking as they were under the influence. It is no secret that women find confident men as more attractive but you need to be sure that you do not exaggerate or you would end up faced with the opposite effect of what you initially had in mind.

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Better Eyesight

Researchers in Canada saw that drinking one beer per day (stout and lager preferred) will increase antioxidant activity, which can stop cataract formation. However, the exact opposite happens when you are drinking at least 3 beers per day.

So Is Beer Good For You?

As you can see from what was said above, beer can be good for you but it is really important that we understand the fact that things are not as great as they see. There were many studies that showed a mortality increase seen in heavy drinkers. We are faced with a linear relationship between mortality and drinking: the more alcohol you drink, the higher the possibility you will prematurely die.

There are numerous healthy properties associated with beer. We only mentioned 11 of them but there are many more that you can find online. We cannot deny that there is a good thing in the presence of flavanols, phenolic acids and flavonoids, but these are all substances that can be found in many other drinks and foods.

The big problem with beer is alcohol. Drinking light to moderate quantities is sometimes even recommended by doctors but the truth is that everything beneficial we get from all alcohol types can be obtained from other sources. It is always better to quit drinking alcohol.

How Much Beer Should You Drink Per Day?

We have to be honest and realize that most people will not stop drinking alcohol. Some simply love their beer way too much. If you do want to drink beer, your best bet is just 350 ml per day. If you are larger, you can go for one full 500 ml beer per day. However, this is only true with:

  • Proper dieting
  • A good exercise routine

You should always avoid over drinking. This is the worst thing that you can do. Occasionally drinking a beer here and there will not be a problem. It will just make you feel as if you look like a million bucks. Great, no?