Peppermint And Digestive Health

By: Dzhingarov

Peppermint is normally referred to as a scent but the truth is that it is so much more than that. One thing that many do not know is that peppermint is really effective for digestive health problems. For so many peppermint brings in memories, especially for holidays like Christmas. That peppermint tea or that hot chocolate with peppermint can help you so much more than what you may think at the moment.

In most situations you will want to use peppermint oil. You can purchase it in so many stores as incense but there is also food grade oil that you can add to meals, desserts, smoothies and hot tea. While we see many that do not use the oil in meals, you will want to reconsider. Here is why.

IBS And Peppermint

IBS And Peppermint

Peppermint oil is currently recommended by most doctors for the patients that have to deal with irritable bowel syndrome. It is seen as a natural cure for gas, indigestion, irregularity, pain and bloating. Various studies highlighted the fact that the oil can also reduce stress. This naturally reduces the symptoms of IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome will create huge havoc in the life of the person affected. Peppermint might be the solution that people are looking for. A simple sniff of the oil has been proven to help in reducing the symptoms. However, a much better solution is to ingest peppermint oil. One tiny drop that is dropped in hot water and then combined with flavor like lemon or ginger will be great, natural, powerful therapy for an IBS affected body.

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Peppermint Reduces Indigestion

peppermint and indigestion

Hundreds of thousands of people need to deal with indigestion. The numbers can actually be higher as many do not report such problems. Peppermint oil needs to be considered for those that are affected by dyspepsia as the condition causes digestion problems. You can use peppermint oil with fennel, wormwood oil and caraway. Take this 3 times daily.

Peppermint oil is going to reduce the gastric acid, spasms and relieve the pain that appears because of poor digestion. Do not take gum after the following meal you have. Just take water with some peppermint oil. That will help you to offset the appearance of the symptoms of poor digestion.

Usage Tips For Peppermint

peppermint tea

There are various other benefits that are associated with the consumption of peppermint oil. We will not talk about this since it is far more important that we talk about how you can use it. Just like all the essential oils on the market, you only want small doses of peppermint oil in order to reap in the benefits. A maximum of 0.4 ml per day is absolutely all that you actually need.

You can easily buy peppermint oil from health stores and pharmacies. These products usually include some sort of dispenser that allows you to use perfect dosage. Measure the quantities and be happy knowing that you will easily enjoy the benefits of just one purchase for a long time. This practically means that peppermint oil is really affordable.

Obviously, peppermint can be used in many different recipes, with hot tea being highly preferred, but you can easily step outside comfort zone and improvise. For instance, you can add a drop to your smoothie and add some cocoa power for extra flavor. Peppermint is great for vegans as it offers flavor for various foods that otherwise do not have great taste.

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