Poor Digestion Symptoms Can Be Caused By Stress

By: Adrian Cruce

When looking at health programs or weight loss programs, few people consider analyzing digestion. We constantly hear about the fact that we need a nutrient rich diet but that is practically useless in the event that what we eat is not digested properly. Every single person out there can gain benefits when they have digestive support but when trying to maximize digestion many factors are overlooked due to a lack of knowledge. This is exactly what happens with stress.

We need to always look at stress management. The number of gastrointestinal disorders reported is rising with around 15% of Americans suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Chronic stress can be a reason why this happens and it is a culprit in so many digestive problems.

The problem is that the connection between stress and a poor digestion is tough to explain as it includes a lot of scientific language. We are basically faced with problems that tend to appear in the connection between the brain in the body in the sense that stress causes the brain to not transmit messages necessary to regulate digestion.

Many studies were done and highlighted the fact that stress affects the body’s blood flow and intestinal permeability. That basically means the gut microbiome is negatively affected. Undigested food particles can end up not being digested, leading towards an inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation leads to other modifications in the body, it being a stressor in itself. This leads towards problems becoming even worse. It is the explanation why when you have one food intolerance, others tend to appear as time passes.

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When people have mood disorders or gastrointestinal disorders, healing the gut is highly important. However, this does not actually solve the problem that the body has. The real problem is that the sympathetic nervous system cannot be closed. Stress management becomes really important in a health plan since it helps deal with the root of the digestive system problem.

Every single person that has a digestive problem or that wants to improve his weight loss success has to focus on stress management. There are things that cannot be avoided but anything that you can control should be taken into account. You will quickly notice the fact that the digestion is improved and that you will reach your goals much faster. In the event that you find yourself suffering from poor mood or gastrointestinal distress after a paleo diet or any other diet schedule, hope should not be lost. Stress levels should be as low as possible for success.