Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss

By: Adrian Cruce

Hair loss refers to hair falling from the head (scalp) and the condition is medically familiar under the name of alopecia. This term does not strictly refer to major hair loss but also to the thinning action of hair which can represent the first stage of hair loss. What is important for us to mention from the beginning is the fact that even though genetics have been proven to play an important role in hair loss it is not the only factor to consider when analyzing this condition.

The genetics factor can affect both men and women but the other factors that lead to hair loss should be considered differently in these two categories because they can affect women and men in a different manner. In order to become able to understand exactly how hair loss occurs and which might be the best treatment for this condition it is highly important to get a better understanding of the way in which hair grows in various stages.

Hair Loss Stages

hair loss stages

In order to understand how a treatment might prove to be effective in the case of hair loss it is useful to first analyze the main stages involved in hair loss. The first stage is known as the anagen phase. It is actually the one that is considered active because the hair grows during this stage. It lasts somewhere between two and seven years.

The second stage involved in hair loss is the catagen phase. It comes immediately after the 1st one and lasts for about two weeks. It is the stage during which hair becomes dead due to the lack of blood supply. The third and last stage is the telogen one which is actually the resting phase. It is the stage when the dead hair start falling out and the ones that do not fall out go into the inactive stage for a few months and after that fall out as well.

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Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss

Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss

Hair loss is not something that happens over night or by following these stages exactly as mentioned above and once only. Usually these stages repeat themselves until full hair loss occurs. This is why it is very important for specialists prescribing homeopathy treatments for hair loss to know how to prescribe these treatments according to these different stages. Each stage can feature different results when a certain treatment is prescribed.

Hair loss may not be a life threatening condition by still it highly affects the person suffering from this condition. It can cause serious worry and stress for the person affected by it. Homeopathy offers a great range of possible treatments for various conditions such as hair loss. You can have achieve great results if you choose a homeopathy treatment for hair loss as long as you have the necessary patience to stick to the treatment and wait for results to appear.

What a homeopathy treatment for hair loss does for you is offer great results through the important and well selected homeopathic medicines that are available. Selection is very important in the case of homeopathy treatments for hair loss because there are various options which will work differently according to the condition of each person. Detailed case history is a fundamental factor that influences the selection of a certain homeopathy hair loss treatment. Some examples at this stage are natrum muriaticum, pulsatilla pratensis as well as Cinchona, Borax and Calcarea phosphorica but each of these treatment options can only be prescribed based on careful analysis of a wide range of important factors such as patient history and the hair loss stage in each and every case.

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