Highly Common Vaping Misconceptions You Need To Stop Believing

By: Adrian Cruce

Vaping is more popular than ever but this does not mean it is not surrounded by controversy. So many vaping misconceptions appeared in the past few years, with those highlighted below being the most common. If you want to quit smoking, start smoking ecigarettes because you like them or you just want to learn more, everything should start with dismissing these misconceptions about vaping.

Equally Unhealthy As Cigarettes Smoking

In cigarettes there are thousands of harmful chemicals. Many of them are carcinogenic and can do huge damage to your lungs. Your senses of smell and taste will be affected while tobacco can stain fingers and teeth. Cigarette smoke scent will cling to clothes, hair and practically all that you own.

When you vape you are exposed to fewer ingredients and they are not linked to health problems. Nasty chemicals like carbon monoxide, cadium and tar do not exist. They are present in cigarettes but not in vape liquid. Nicotine is practically the main ingredient in ecigarettes. If your decision is to vape to quit smoking, nicotine intake is gradually reduced so you gain even more advantages.

Controversy definitely surrounds vaping but no evidence exists to now suggest that it is equally as damaging as cigarettes smoking, although people in many industries want to think you this is the case. Basically, when you vape you remove thousands of harmful toxic chemicals inside cigarettes.

Nobody Knows What Is Inside Vaping Liquid

This is practically just a scare tactic that is used to stop people from vaping. The idea is that you do not really know what is put inside the body. Obviously, it is very easy to prove that this is not the case. Cigarettes are actually so much more mysterious when referring to what ingredients are used. E-liquid includes just 4 ingredients. You can see them on bottles: propylene glycol, artificial and natural flavorings, vegetable glycerin and nicotine.

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You should know that vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are now used in various food-grade and medical products. They are widely recognized as being safe. You most likely already use products that include these ingredients. Nicotine is addictive but when you compare this with cigarettes, which have both nicotine and thousands of other harmful chemicals, we can clearly conclude ecigarettes are the lesser option of 2 evils.

Anti-Freeze Is Added To Vape Juice

It is unclear how this misconception appeared but cigarette giants have been using it to discredit vaping for a long time. What you should know is that propylene glycol is now used in the manufacture of antifreeze. However, it is not anti-freeze. We already mentioned that propylene glycol is used in many safe products that are used every single day by millions of people. It is definitely not poisonous and is used as a replacement for toxic chemicals that can poison people.

ECigarettes Are More Addictive Than Regular Cigarettes

When we think about the fact that cigarettes are containing more chemicals than what you find in vape juice, this is a misconception that can quickly be dismissed. Vaping is basically at its core an alternative to cigarette smoking. It was created because it is healthier, helps people regain sense of taste and smell, improve lung capacity and much more. You will not find proof that smoking ecigarettes will be more addictive than regular cigarette smoking. At a logical point, it simply does not make any sense. Talk with people that start vaping and eliminated cigarettes about this topic and they will all tell you that vaping is not as addictive.

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Vaping As A Gateway Towards Teen Smoking

Vaping was not created as a gateway towards smoking. Also, nobody really wants children to start smoking anything, including ecigarettes. All vape products are marketed to people of a legal smoking age. If you are a nonsmoker the possibility to pick up vaping is very low. Even if this happens, because of the advantages of vaping, switching to cigarettes is highly unlikely.

Image Source: Vaping360.com