Advantages Of Vaping Versus Smoking Cigarettes

By: Adrian Cruce

It is no surprise that one of the most cosmopolitan vices nowadays is smoking and this why in the last decades this industry developed, finding new creative ways of doing this. One of the best inventions was vaping. If you want to quit smoking or you want to always smell like cotton candy after a cigarette, vaping might be the right solution for you. Next, we will present some of the advantages of vaping compared to smoking:

Health matters

  1. Blood Oxygen Levels increased

In the first eight hours of exclusively vaping the carbon monoxide from your body will begin to be cleaned up. Carbon monoxide is one of the most nocive substances that you inhale every time you smoke a cigarette. The blood oxygen level is lowered with every tobacco smoke and it’s one of the reasons why the smokers tend to be less fit than the other people. Your body will start to feel the difference just hours after you quit smoking and you will notice that your breathing has improved. Since vaping doesn’t involve burning anything, which is the way that carbon monoxide is created, the ability of the blood cells will improve shortly after switching on vaping.

  1. Senses regained

After a long time of smoking your sense of smell and taste will be affected even though you don’t notice this. You will start to see (or feel) the difference a day or two after quitting cigarettes and it will get better. After you switch on vaping you will definitely find yourself enjoying more your favorite food or perfume.

  1. Auto-cleaning of the lungs

One of the smallest structures that you can find in your lungs is called cilia. This structure has the role of taking out the impurities that come in with the air. Unfortunately, the tobacco smoke affects the cilia mobility making them less efficient but their recovery is short if you quit smoking. Here, the advantage of vaping is that it won’t fill up your lungs that bad and you will find it easier to breathe.

  1. The disappearance of your cough
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If you’re a long-time smoker you probably noticed an annoying cough that appears all of the sudden. This is the result of the excess of mucus that is stored in the lungs. Because of smoking, the lungs don’t have the same capacity for cleaning and discharging it and they end up being flooded this causing a very unpleasant cough. After a few months of vaping, most of the impurities will be out and every breath will be deeper and your lungs will be more healthy and will provide more oxygen. As a result, you will have fewer coughs outburst and your body will feel more in power.

  1. Heart Attacks and Stokes will have a lower chance of happening

It is well-known that smoking is related to blood coagulation problems. In this kind of problems blood clots might appear and be transported to the heart and this increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. This is an issue that can be resolved in a longer period of time which means that in five years after quitting smoking you have reduced the chances of a heart attack with a half.

  1. Lung Cancer risks lowered

It is proven that vaping is not affecting your lungs like the cigarettes does but after you smoked for a long time it will take at least ten years to decrease your chances of lung cancer.

Social Matters

  1. Big variety ofappealing flavors

Vaping gets some extra points for having the most exotic flavors. While tobacco smokers have only limited options in the matters of taste, vaping have almost infinite options. From Apple, Cotton Candy, menthol, chocolate to almost any fruit that you can think of. If you vape on the street you will find yourself surprised at how much attention you will receive from people intrigued by the smell. The best thing is that you can also order them online from many sites with different flavors.

  1. Second-hand smoke reduced
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Smoking is harmful not only to you but also for your friends, people on the street or pets and it also smells bad for most of the people. But this will not be a problem in the vaping case because vaping clouds won’t be as noxious as the tobacco ones and they also smell great.

  1. Vaping is cheaper

Because of the amount of taxes a pack of cigarettes can cost quite a lot depending on the country. The advantage of vaping is that these taxes won’t all apply. It is true that in the begging you have to invest some money in the mod or e-cigarette but if you do the math, after a while of vaping you will see the difference. It

  1. Protection of the environment

If you are a smoker it is inevitable that you hurt the Environment. Many fires start because of the imprudence of the smokers that leave cigarettes unattended. To this, we can add the pollution of the air made by the smoke or the pollution created by the buts of cigarettes. Vaping will erase all these kinds of problems being an eco-friendly alternative.

In conclusion, vaping is a new revolutionary alternative to smoking that can solve many problems of smokers. While you smell like fresh fruits and chocolate you can also enjoy your eligible dose of nicotine in a safer way for you and others. Isn’t this tempting?