Health Benefits Of Aromatherapy

By: Adrian Cruce

Pleasant scents are to everyone’s liking, but a tradition that dates back to as much as 1000 years ago suggests that there might be more to aromas than just the beautiful smell. Aromatherapy, or the treatment that uses scents, makes us an intriguing proposition: what if you could heal yourself only by inhaling the scent of different plants?

We don’t expect essential oils to cure cancer, but there are some health benefits associated to aromatherapy. By massaging essential oils, a general feeling of well-being and a better mood will be the first benefits you’ll get! Moreover, the massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, but make sure you’re using the right oil for your situation; some oils dilate, whereas others constrict blood vessels, which leads to lowering or raising blood pressure, respectively. Aromatherapy leads to a restful sleep and reduces pain. Remember: some oils help kill bacteria, fungal infections and viruses, thus strengthening your immune system. If we didn’t convince just yet, here are a few common medical conditions and a simple way to get past them, with the help of aromatherapy!

aromatherapy health benefits

Muscle soreness

A long week of physical work or a tough workout meant to get you back in shape in no time- these are just two things that can cause muscle soreness. Instead of popping the regular aspirin pill, try settling for the hot bath, but with an extra element. Chamomile, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli an juniper are all scents that help you take a deep breath and distance yourself from the hardships of life, but they also help your muscles relax and ease the pain.

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When you feel overwhelmed by your hectic lifestyle and the few hours of sleep you manage to get, fatigue takes over and you feel as though even one week of sleep won’t help you get back on your feet. But fatigue is less physiological and more psychological so you need a different approach. Eucalyptus is known for its healing powers, so add this to its list of health benefits! Basil and lemon usually go well in a salad, but they also go well in helping you overcome fatigue.

Anxiety and Depression

Lavender won’t just make you feel like you’re on a sunny holiday in Provence, but it also helps relieving you from stress, depression and anxiety. You already know that bergamot makes a great tea, but it doesn’t just warm you up; along with lavender, it helps you relax and it will lift your spirit. Orange, lime, vanilla and nutmeg sound like ingredients for a Christmas cake, but they are all scents that help you keep anxiety under control. Moreover, jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang are highly effective you’re feeling down, so fight mild depression with no medication!

Menstrual cramps

An itsy-bitsy detail that can ruin an otherwise perfect day: menstrual cramps. They come and they go as they like, so you sometimes don’t feel like you should take medicine. In that case, try aromatherapy! Lavender is the star, it would seem, because it makes this list for a third mild medical condition. Add sage, rose, angelica and chamomile and you have plenty of natural, non-invasive options in treating menstrual cramps.

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