The Best Yoga Positions For Improving Core Strength

By: Adrian Cruce

In Yoga and in sports in general it is really important to improve core strength. There are numerous yoga positions that are helpful for this as they make your abdominal muscles much stronger. You obtain a better posture and the torso becomes toned.

There are different beliefs when thinking about what the very best yoga positions are for improving core strength and it is normal to see some subjectivity. However, the recommendations below are often seen as being among the very best. All of the poses are going to improve your core strength.

Navasana – Boat Pose

Two Boat Pose versions exist and both of them are highly useful to test stamina and strength of basically all muscles between shoulders and hips. For the main one you plant the sits bones on the floor, you bend knees and then place feet on the ground. You sit up straight and then brace the core while lower legs are raised until you have calves in a floor parallel position. You tuck in your stomach, straighten your spine and lift your chest while extending arms a little outside knees, with palms faced towards each other. If you want the pose to be more difficult all you need to do is to straighten legs.

Utthita Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

You will learn the pose in almost all the yoga classes because it manages to engage almost all body parts. The core is strengthened and your shoulders and hips are opened while legs are stretched.

In order to do the triangle pose you stand tall and you place the hands on the hips while the feet are positioned around 3-4 feet apart. The right toes are pointed towards mat front and the left toes are pointed towards mat sides. Front food heel are aligned with back foot arch. The arms are extended to your sides and the rib cage is shifted towards the right. As the spine remains straight you reach the right hand so that it goes towards the right ankle as the left hand moves to the ceiling.

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If you want to have the core muscles even more worked, make the arms straight as if you are holding something large between your hands. Obviously, you want to switch foot positions and repeat the pose on the other side too.

Makarasana – Dolphin Pose

One of the really plastic yoga poses with a truly appropriate name is very useful for strengthening your legs, arms and core. At the same time the hamstrings, calves and shoulders get a very good stretch. The dolphin pose starts in the plank position but the weight rests on forearms, not on hands. The shoulders need to be right above elbows while palms are flat on the yoga mat. You breathe in deep and then you exhale as you lift the hips and the heels are lowered. Holding the dolphin pose for around 10 breaths is recommended.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward Facing Dog

This is not at all a difficult yoga pose and when you regularly perform it you will end up opening your upper back and your chest while improving posture and strengthening your arms, wrists and spine. The abdominal muscles are stretched so this is a great way to finish your yoga routine.

The upward facing dog yoga pose starts with you on the stomach. The legs are straight and legs are held together. The elbows are bent and the wrists are put under shoulders. You press down on your feet and your palms in order to lift the chest up, right towards the ceiling. Your shoulder blades are squeezing together and you keep lifting until you have straight arms and the thighs are off your mat.

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