3 Ways Covid 19 Affected the World of Sports

By: Dzhingarov

This global pandemic has been nothing less than a tragedy and has disrupted our lives at so many levels. One area that was particularly affected was sports. And we’re not only speaking about pro and amateur sports here but sports in general. Physical activities were heavily curtailed because of restrictions, which brings a whole new set of issues when we understand how important they are to the human body and psyche. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Covid 19 has affected the world of sports.

Lethargy and Injuries

Inactivity is one of the worst things for any high-level athlete. As restrictions are slowly being lifted, we can expect more injuries as some will try to rush back into activity.

Dr. Nicole Berkin, chief of rehabilitation, regenerative medicine, and orthopedic surgery at a prominent New York hospital stated that they have seen an increase in sports-related injuries all across the board.

Athletes are advised to start slowly and under supervision. According to Dr. Belkin, injuries are mostly caused by a lack of preparation and activity before getting back in action and training vigorously due to condensed schedules. She advises that athletes only train at 10% of the intensity they were at before the pandemic.

The Social and Economic Effect on Pro Sports

The pandemic has been disastrous for pro sports. Mass closures meant that they had to either cancel events, take spectators out, or work at a limited capacity. But one of the things that is often overlooked is the effect of pro sports on the fabric of society.

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Regional and global sports events contribute to social cohesion. Some individuals would hardly have a social life if it wasn’t for sports, and a lack of sporting events can lead to more isolation. Identification with athletes is also beneficial. Fans don’t only want to idolize their favorite athletes but be like them, and pro sports do influence overall physical activity.

Sport has been used to bridge gaps between communities forever. This is why sports athletes are routinely attached to important causes and often more efficient than community or political leaders in fostering real change. This is also why some of the most well-known activists in the history of men have also been athletes.

The effects of sports on divided and impoverished communities are massive, and sports programs are often used to reach those who are the most at risk. Taking out sporting activities means more marginalization for these groups.

Covid and Global Well Being

Physical activity has been linked with more tolerance to stress, lower cases of depression, and even lower chances of relapse with substance abuse. So, we can already see the kind of impact the complete closure of gyms, public pools, and even parks has had on the population. Thankfully, many Americans now understand the importance of physical activity and are finding ways to train at home through apps, virtual workouts, and online fitness classes, among other things.

Covid has reshaped the way we view sports and human activity in general. We still don’t know what the future holds for us, but we can expect sports to be changed forever by this event.

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