3 Sports Nutrition Brands That Have Helped to Shape the Market

By: Dzhingarov

The sports nutrition market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. It was valued at around USD 10.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by over 10% leading into 2028. A lot of this has to do with millennials and their changing attitudes towards fitness and healthy eating, but many other factors are pushing the trend. The recent global events have also motivated people to focus on their bodies and overall health.

The sports nutrition sector is also fiercely competitive. Many companies come and go, but a few are making their mark in the industry. Let’s take a look at a few sports nutrition brands that have helped shape the market.

Maximum Human Performance (MHP)

MHP is the brainchild of MD and a bodybuilder by the name of Gerard Dente. They are most known for developing Secretagogue-One, which is one of the most popular HGH boosters on the market. They’re also known for constant innovation and have released revolutionary muscle-building products such as Cyclin-GF and SARM-X. These remain top sellers to this day.

Universal Nutrition

Universal is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the industry. It’s a staple in most gyms and a go-to for any beginner looking for reliable supplements. They’ve built their reputation through quality and solid branding. They also formed strategic partnerships with bodybuilders, athletes, and events to further solidify their brand.

Their “animal” supplement line is their most popular, but they consistently add new products to their selection. Another thing that helped Universal solidify their reputation is that they are one of the only supplement companies in the world to have a 100% money-back guarantee on their products.

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Sports nutrition brands often target bodybuilders, but CytoSports was made for and by endurance athletes. The company was founded by Greg Pickett, an athlete and well-known figure in the fitness industry. They also spend a lot of time on research and development and have Dr. George Brooks, creator of the innovative compound polylactate, as a consulting scientist. In addition to being a well-known brand among professional and amateur athletes, they are the brand behind Muscle Milk, which is one of the most popular and recognizable brands of protein shakes in the country.

Not only that, but they also started embracing flexible packaging and vegan products before it was the hip thing to do. While it benefited their branding, it’s also a personal conviction for them and many companies in the space are following suit.

Sports nutrition companies prefer pouches today because of the many benefits they offer and because of what customers in the space are beginning to expect. CytoSports was able to understand this early and became the goal standard in terms of sustainability as a result.


These three sports nutrition companies are well known and respected in the industry. They’re all household names across fitness and sports circles, and we can expect many great things from them in the future.