Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast

By: Adrian Cruce

It is highly important that you start your day right with a proper breakfast. If you skip breakfast, there is a huge chance that you will overeat at a later point of the day. When you eat in the morning you get energy, your appetite is satisfied and you are all set for the many hours to come in your day.

What is important with breakfast is to have a combination of good fiber and carbs, with the addition of some protein. There are many options that are available for you and you can combine them in many different ways. While the list of the best foods to eat for breakfast would be really, really long, let us just focus on some so that you get a better idea of what to look for.

healthy breakfast


Oatmeal is so underestimated. What many do not know is that oats include beta-glucan, which is a really good fiber that can help you to lower your cholesterol when you consume it regularly. In addition, oatmeal gives you potassium, folate and omega-3 fatty acids. You only need to spend around fifteen minutes to cook breakfast and there are so many interesting varieties that are available. Just make sure that you avoid those that are flavored as they have high quantities of sugar in them.

Greek Yogurt

This creamy yogurt includes calcium and a lot of protein. It will keep you feeling quite full during the mornings. You should opt for the nonfat variety and add some fruit in order to make it taste better. If you are always in a hurry for breakfast, this yogurt can even be consumed on the way to work.

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By now you surely know that grapefruits can help you to lose weight faster as this fruit has great fat-burning properties. It will also have beneficial effects on your insulin and blood sugar levels. Grapefruits are filling, packed with great antioxidants and hydrating. Try to pair it with protein but if you take medication, remember that grapefruit juice will interfere with some of the commonly prescribed drugs. Talk to your doctor about this.


A few years ago everyone was saying that eggs are bad for you. That may be your opinion to when you look at nutrition facts since just one egg yolk includes 60% of the daily allotment of dietary cholesterol. The one thing that you may not know is that research showed us that food cholesterol does not have such a huge impact on our blood cholesterol as we thought. With this in mind, eggs are great since they include a lot of protein and various nutrients our body needs. If you choose lean protein sources and you do not eat much cholesterol and fat, eggs are simply wonderful in the morning. However, the American Heart Association always recommends that those that have normal cholesterol limit cholesterol intake to around 300 mg daily.

The list can go on but these are quite enough at the moment to get you started on the road to a healthy breakfast. Make sure that you vary your meals and that you never miss this first meal of the day in order to maintain a healthy nutritional plan.

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