5 Psychological Hurdles That Keep You From Losing Weight

By: Dzhingarov

There are many psychological hurdles that you might have to get over when you want to lose weight. We will only talk about some that are really common but as a general rule of thumb that you need to respect, in the event that you feel like you do everything right or if you simply cannot find the will to work out or diet, there is a huge chance you are faced with a psychological hurdle.

Our mind can be a huge aid in our fight with the extra pounds. However, it can also stop us and put obstacles that we cannot get over.


1. You Have Poor Habits

We normally develop different habits and when they disappear, it just does not feel right. When you have habits like regular exercise, sleeping as much as the body needs and so on, you will be in a pretty good shape. In the event that your habits are completely opposites, you will not be in a good shape. You can read all the articles that teach you how to get rid of belly fat and still not be able to do it because one or more of your poor habits stand out as hurdles.

The good news is that you can easily identify your bad habits. The bad news is that it is so hard to break them by only using willpower. What you have to do is try to understand what underlying context creates the setting for the habit. When you tackle the context, it is easier to stop the habit.

In some situations the solution is easy like simply avoiding some shops that sell candy. In other cases you need to examine why you feel that need to drink so much beer before you get to bed.

2. You Are Afraid Of Fat

This is quite weird for so many athletes that actually understand the fact that fat needs to be included in a healthy diet. The problem is that we are indoctrinated by the family, mass media, experts, doctors and so many others. We are taught that fat is really bad as it can cause heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Fat is seen as something that could kill us.

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This fear of fat is sometimes hard to shake. However, you need to remember that any fear we have can be brutally killed. You just need to understand that there is good and bad fat. Read all that you can about the subject and talk with people that actually managed to lose weight while including fat in their diet. You will surely see that it can be done and eventually, you will find yourself not being afraid of fat.

3. Eating For Comfort

The problem with eating for comfort is that there is a utility attached to it. In the event that you are too stressed and you feel that the situation you are in cannot be handled, eating some foods might lower stress and comfort you. When this becomes a habit, it is hard to shake it and there is a pretty good chance that it will hurt your weight loss struggles as we all tend to go for ice cream, chocolate and fast food.

In this case we need to understand that stress is the culprit. If you simply focus on eliminating the food consumption but you do not solve your root cause, it is a guarantee that you will find yourself eating for comfort in no time. Try to identify the source of your stress and try to mitigate or reduce it. Stress reduction techniques like morning walks or daily meditation can help out a lot.

4. Being Stuck On A Method That Worked In The Past But Does Not Work Now

Most people that lose weight for the first time will do it effortlessly. The problem is that it is quite rare for the same method to work again. People do tend to keep focused on that initial weight loss method that they used, without realizing that they most likely were faced with a rush weight loss. This basically means that they lost weight fast because the body was not used to that and reacted accordingly. When the same method is tried a second time, failure might appear. This is what leads towards the psychological hurdle and too few try to change the method or the diet. There are so many weight loss methods that can be used. Try them and you will see the pounds flying away.

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5. Being Embarrassed Of Working Out In A Gym

This is, most likely, the most common psychological hurdle of all. It is hard to go to the gym as you are surrounded by people that look great and there are so many mirrors that remind you of the fact that you are fat. You end up thinking that everyone is looking at you with disgust. That is not true. In reality, any gym is filled with people that try to build muscle, lose weight or relax. In fact, they do not even care about what you do as long as you do not bother them. This is the beauty of going to the gym.

You simply cannot use tricks to go over this embarrassment. The only thing that you can do is take the bull by the horns and go to the gym. Simply force yourself to go and workout. You will notice that in a few days or one month tops, you do not even know why you were embarrassed in the first place. Also, seriously consider working with a personal trainer as he can help out a lot with this embarrassment hurdle.

Take That Bull By The Horns

No matter what you think right now, weight loss is always possible. The worst case scenario is that it is hard for you to lose weight because of a physical problem. Absolutely all psychological hurdles can be overcome. Read as many fitness blogs as you can find and try to see how people just like you succeeded in the past. One of the best ways to go over psychological hurdles is to realize that many managed to do what you want to do right now. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same.