Vital Vitamins For Muscle Recovery And Growth

By: Dzhingarov

After a workout, as you go home, muscle repair and grown already started. This takes place at a cellular level. Nutrition is really important at this stage since tissue repair and synthesis is based on minerals and vitamins. You can normally find most of the vitamins that you require in balanced diets but that is not something that is true for all people. It is so easy to be faced with lacks and in many cases those lacks appear due to a lack of knowledge about the subject. Because of this, let us talk about the most important vitamins you need for muscle growth and muscle recovery.

Vitamin A

So many forget about vitamin A and if you want your muscles to grow, you should not make this mistake. Vitamin A is really well known for the effect that it has on our eye sight but for bodybuilders and athletes, the vitamin is really important as it can support the synthesis of protein. A decrease in vitamin A is normally associated with an increase in protein synthesis.

Vitamin A deficiencies have a negative effect on testosterone production, which is a really bad thing for muscle building. Also, the vitamin will offer increase structural strength as it promotes bone development and helps the younger cells to mature at faster rates.

Vitamin C

This vitamin just seems to pop up everywhere. It is perfect to deal with colds and so much more. This is mainly because of the really strong antioxidant properties it has. Vitamin C can protect your muscle cells from free radical damage. Also, it will help form various anabolic hormones, aids collagen formation and so much more. We can say that this wonder vitamin is the number one choice if you want to keep your body stronger and your immune system working properly. It is important for muscle recovery and growth but vitamin C is much more than that.

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Vitamin D

Most consider this as being the most important of all the vitamins for muscle recovery and growth. The human body requires sunlight exposure in order to stimulate vitamin D production. At the same time, the vitamin is really important for the production of testosterone. There are various studies that showed us the fact that supplementation increased power in adults when combined with a strength training workout program. To make the value even higher, vitamin D also aids in improving overall bone health, working close with magnesium and calcium.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is mostly used as remedy for skin problems like stretch marks. This is actually connected with working out. Intense training will produce free radicals and vitamin E attacks them. It is the same thing that happens when skin problems appear. Vitamin E has a positive effect on your blood pressure, allowing the muscles to receive more nutrients.

B Vitamins

This especially includes B12, folate and B6. The B vitamins mentioned are important for muscle recovery and growth as they have direct impact in the body’s protein metabolism. You do need an increase in vitamin B6 when you increase protein consumption so that the metabolism can be properly supported. We should also know that B6 works together with B12 in order to improve production of nitric oxide and reduce homocysteine levels. You basically get better nutrient delivery and blood flow.