How To Make Cardio Workouts More Fun

By: Adrian Cruce

The huge problem with cardio is that it can become quite tedious. We all know that. Running for such a long time on the treadmill is definitely not something we would love. Cardio definitely has a bad reputation and individuals from all around the world simply skip it. Some even say that it is totally useless while most just skip cardio workouts because of the fact that they think the activity is boring. The truth is that the regular way of doing cardio can be boring but you should never be limited by conventional workout methods.

In order to make your workouts a lot more fun, all you really need to do is to experiment. It is as simple as that. Everything basically starts with making sure that cardio is something that you would actually want to do. It is imperative that you are always thinking about brand new things since that is what makes exercising a lot more fun than sticking to a boring routine.

Obviously, most people will start running in order to do cardio workouts. If this is attractive for you, make sure that you do it outside. This is due to two reasons:

  • running is always a lot more fun outside
  • you can experiment and make your running much more fun

Getting creative with running is to basically not see this as being a chore. Nature has a really high vibration, thus leading towards you being more lifted and more energetic. Running does not stand out as a chore in the event that you feel overwhelmed with energy while you do it.

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Incorporate some Tabata running into your workouts. 4 sessions are more than enough. Use the regular 20 seconds maximum effort, 10 seconds break schedule with 8 total rounds. One session simply covers around 4 minutes of your time. That is much more fun than simply running for hours and effects will be quite similar.

Cardio is all about having the necessary patience to experiment. Never hurry the choice process since you can find many programs that are a lot of fun online. This is definitely the best approach to make cardio a lot more fun.