How Does Sugar Intake Damage Your Skin?

Any organism is a structure that needs energy in order to resist the aggressions of the environment. Once with the energy that our body needs, the “metabolic engine” produces aggressive and extreme structures, bound by the oxygen used to burn the biologic fuel – radicals – that attack all the cell structures, which provokes aging and degeneration or cell death.

Is sugar our enemy or our friend?

sugar poison

Everyone needs glucose as an important source of energy, but the problems appear when the quantity of sugar consumed is too big. When we eat sweet food and carbohydrates, the levels of glucose grow fast and our organism can’t process them at this speed.

Sugar molecules attach to the protein fibers in all of our cells and change their biomolecular properties. This process is dangerous especially for our skin, just as alcohol consumption or smoking. By associating this with the usual unhealthy habits, it can easily be seen that it can be an enemy of our health.

The collagen, the one responsible with our skin elasticity is one of the most affected when it comes to sugar consumption. Sugar is the cause of the most fearful condition of our skin: acne. The researchers measured the effects of rich diets and poor diets in sugar on teenagers. The ones that were barely eating sugar had the pleasant surprise to see great improvements in their skin, their acne being reduced by 50%. On the other hand, the ones consuming big amounts of sugar confronted with a raise of 14%.

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Sugar will make your skin age too early

sugar and skin

The studies showed this fact and highlight that there is a direct connection between the quantity of sugar in our blood and the skin aspect. It has been proved that for each 1mg/l of sugar, the perceived age was bigger with 5 months.

Also, the studies made on people suffering from diabetes (that have raised levels of sugar in blood for years) demonstrated that this confront with signs of skins aging earlier that a person without diabetes.

The conclusion is pretty simple and obvious: sugar can make our skin age faster.

You can also give up sugar for a beautiful skin

no sugar

Sugar can make you addicted and many of you can confirm that. The same chemical substances that are produces by sugar in our brain are produced by heroin and morphine. The good news are that you can always reduce the consumption of sugar by replacing it with honey or with natural sugar that we can find in fruits.

No one says we are not allowed to eat sugar, but everything used in excess is unhealthy and we need to cut it off as much as possible.

Another way to improve our lifestyle is to use antioxidants daily, in both our alimentation (fish, fruits, green vegetables, nuts, green tea) and different creams (with Omega3, C and E vitamin).Antioxidants will not allow the sugar molecules to attach to the proteins, preventing glycolysis.

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