Acupuncture Treatment For Diabetes

By: Dzhingarov

Sadly enough, all of us had a problem at least once in our lives. Since pills can not 100% heal you for a lot of diseases, people tried to find other ways to cure themselves. The advantage of natural treatments is that you can help out your body and soul while not doing any harm to your organism.

Acupuncture is one of the practices that can help you in this way and this article will try to explain you how it works and how this technique will treat diabetes.

Is diabetes the disease of modern society?


Diabetes is one of the diseases that can be cured with acupuncture and it worked out in many cases. It is estimated that 2.1% of the world’s population and stress the biggest cause for the appearance of it. While most people believe that acupuncture is used for treating pain, this treatment is very common to treating diabetes especially in China.

Diabetes can be discovered by paying attention to some symptoms that appear to people with this problem: thirst that will lead to the consumption of a great amount of liquids (up for 4 L every day), urinating very often, big appetite, weight loss (even the consumptions of aliments is bigger).

How does acupuncture work?

acupuncture treatment

We can interfere on the energy of the human body by stimulating the energetic points and treat any problem. The treatment with acupuncture has to be accompanied by natural medicine, because acupuncture eliminates the energetic blocks and balances the energetic system. On the other hand, plants help our organism to regenerate the tissues and the affected organs.

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The duration of one session can be 11 minutes to one hour or even more, depending on the different procedures that are necessary. The first results can be felt after 2-4 weeks of treatment, after all the energetic points of the organisms are balanced and the substances from plants enter in the tissues.

The frequency of the sessions is established according to every patient’s state in particular, but usually it takes place twice a week. Diabetes can be generated by an excess of energy that remains stuck in an organ.

First of all, we need to take into consideration the effects of sugar in our blood, that replaces the RBC (Red Blood Cells) and this is why the blood doesn’t get enough oxygen. These effects need to be canceled and the connection between brain and pancreas needs to be rebuilt. In order to do that, the liver needs to be forced to release the enzymes and metabolize the glucose. The treatment needs to be accompanied by physical activity and the stress needs to be put aside.

The acupuncture sessions will be done until healing and usually after the first 10-20 sessions the first results will be seen. If the patient will combine natural medicine with physical activity and healthy alimentation (carbohydrates need to be completely cut off), acupuncture will improve your life in no time and the diabetes will be cured 100%.