Why Should You Take Up Eutony Exercises?

By: Dzhingarov

The idea of body movement techniques has been developed by various people in the world. The basic concept is the same, but the techniques and the methods differ from country to country. The idea is to focus on the movements of the body as they are the key to understanding ones true self. Additionally, the movements enhances a therapeutic practice and it encourages the person to actually take care of their bodies. This is quite complicated in the times we are living today because the things that we eat are quite different from what people used to eat 20 years ago.

Too Much Sitting Down

eutony exercises

We are the generation that sits down most of the day. There are so many professions that require people to use a computer, to type at a desk and so on. Each day we come to work, sit for 8 hours and then go home and sit some more. We are constantly sitting down and that is quite a problem for the body. This is where the idea of movement comes into the picture and changes everything.

The Eutony technique


This is one of the vast choices that people can make when it comes to improving the quality of their lives. This is a therapeutic method that focuses on improving the health of a person and develops a sense of personal wellness. The center of this particular technique lies in the muscles and their development. One of the reasons why this is a common choice among people from all over the world is the fact that the movement is done in natural positions. This means that you aren’t put in a situation where you need to stretch your legs in a certain way, making it very uncomfortable.

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eutony exercise

As mentioned above, we have the tendency to sit all day. The idea of the eutony exercises is the fact that it implies constant movement. This means that for a certain timeframe of the day, you will have to rise up and starting moving your body. At the beginning, you might start to feel strange, but as time goes by and experience builds up, the body will begin to feel a lot more different.

Stretching is one of the basic steps when it comes to body movement trainings. This is because of the fact that we are not constantly aware of our bodies and we need an “introduction” in order to prepare it for what is to happen. The following step implies a series of control positions that have the purpose of helping the individual to be aware of his muscular tone. Furthermore, the next step implies the use of various objects like pillows, balls or even sticks in order to gain awareness of their body moving.

To conclude, it might seem something that is ripped from a yoga book, but the testimonials of various people speak for themselves: body movement techniques help loosen up the muscles, eliminate stress, bring balance to life and finally create a state of wellness.