What Is The Secret Behind The 5 Rhythms Movement Technique?

By: Adrian Cruce

First of all, anyone who is interested in body movements therapies should understand the importance of this particular types of exercises and how well can they perform for the body. These movements have been proven to be a great way to overcome various inhabitations that an individual might have and moreover it can actual heals the body.

5 movements

There are various types of body movements techniques, each and every one of them with a different focus. It depends on the needs of the individual and the goals he or she wants to achieve. One of the most popular technique that has been proven effective for many people is the 5 rhythms movement.

The philosophy behind this particular technique is that everything is energy and energy flows everywhere. Energy flows in rhythms, patterns and waves and if we are in total sync with those waves, we can carry the energy in our body in order to find balance and inner peace. It might seem a little too complex for the skeptical, but the idea is simple: throughout dancing, one can actually discover many things about his true self.

5 rhythms

The stages of the 5 rhythms movement technique form a wave. Every rhythm represents a stage that the individual must embrace. The first one is called flowing and it represents earth. This stage teaches the individual about the importance of letting all in, being perceptive and fluid, grounded and nurturing like the earth itself. Staccato is the second stage of the technique. This is linked with the concept of fire and can be linked to the idea of expression and manifestation. Fire represents power and the power comes from within.

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The next stage of the technique brings the individual to a whole other conscious level. It is called chaos and it has been illustrated by water. Even if water represents fluidity, it is also unpredictable and persistent. It can break the stone into sand if given the time as it has no time. The following step of the technique is called lyrical and it can be connected with the concept of air. Here the individual can find space, expressivity and even creativity. Everything can take place if given freedom.

The last stage of the entire process is called stillness and it has been very popularly chosen to be represented by ether. It represents the spirit, the essence of life and the accepting ones true self. This stage allows a person to find balance and become at peace.

5 rhythms seaside

Each of these steps is represented with a variety of dance moves and movements. Each stage has its own specific type of movements which can be learnt from a master or an instructor. Unlike every other type of exercise, this stages are not sequential, they can be performed individually or in any other the student pleases. They all come together to form a wave and that is the final expression of this technique.

By moving the body and realizing that we are all energy, we start connecting with our inner self and our soul. Marvelous things can happen if this is achieved.