Self Defence For Women – The Best Martial Arts for Self Defence

By: Dzhingarov


f you are a woman then self defence for women is going to be one of the most important things that you learn. This course will educate you on effective and safe techniques of self-defence in worst case situations. It will also assist you in developing the emotional, mental and physical confidence to arm yourself with adequate weapons to protect yourself in dangerous situations. There are several self defence courses available for women and it is always better that you choose a course that suits your needs. Here is a short overview of different self defence courses which are offered for women.

self defence for women

First there is the Phoenix Martial Arts Institute. They offer a course on self-defence for women and this course is very comprehensive. The instructors at this institute have been certified by Canadian government and they have had additional training to prepare them to deal with emergencies. They have excellent techniques of striking and kicking, which enable you to overcome your opponent. Even if they do get hit they can still continue their fighting and the course at Phoenix ensures that you do not become submissive. There is a heated sparring component to this self defence for women’s course and the sparring sessions are designed in such a way so that the women can learn striking and kicking in a highly dynamic manner.

The next course is The Women’s Self-Defence Academy. This academy offers several courses for women and all of them are taught by professionals who have considerable experience in the field. Most of the instructors are trained and taught in martial arts and they are also taught some of the latest technology. The aim of this training is to ensure that the students at this academy are not only well trained in a balanced fashion but also are provided with skills that are helpful in several different situations.

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The National MMA Association is another organization which offers self defence classes for women. This course is known as Karate-Ryu Karate and it teaches several aspects of the discipline including grappling and striking. The Karate discipline has become increasingly popular amongst women and is becoming more popular amongst girls. The best part of this training is that unlike other martial arts which focus on striking, grappling and kicking the Karate-Ryu Karate focuses more on the submission aspect of self-defence for women. There are several advantages of learning the Karate discipline from this school including the fact that the students can develop self-confidence very quickly, they are taught techniques which can be used in a fight and also learn the various approaches which can be taken to defend themselves against an opponent.

An alternative option, which is available for those looking for self-defence for women is Taekwondo. This is an ideal martial art which provides women with a number of advantages. One of the best parts of learning Taekwondo is that it improves hand-eye coordination. It is also an effective method of cardio-vascular workout and women can also benefit from the intense stretching movements which are a big part of the Taekwondo routine. Another advantage which women can gain from learning Taekwondo is the excellent self defence techniques that are taught.

Finally, if you are not interested in joining a gym and would like to improve your self defence skills by using an exercise regime that is more gentle, then you should consider enrolling at a private martial arts academy. Most private academies will only enroll qualified individuals so that you receive personal tuition. Some will also require potential students to have at least some martial arts experience before being considered for enrollment. If you do not wish to enrol in a formal martial arts academy, then you can also look into enrolling at a soft style academy. Soft style academies are run by female teachers who are trained to teach at a lower level than normal instructors and so it should be easier for you to make friends and learn from your instructors at a softer style academy.

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