Chinese Medicine For Digestive Health Issues

By: Adrian Cruce

There are different digestive disorders that people suffer from, with Irritable Bowel Syndrome being the most common one. Modern medicine does have problems in treating the digestive health issues. Chinese medicine actually ended up being seriously considered and recommended by doctors because of the proven results that appeared in the past.

Chinese medicine will address the digestive health issues in various different ways. All is based on the patterns that are responsible for the imbalance that appeared. The common ones will be presented below.

Liver Qi Stagnation

This is a common digestive issue cause that progresses and becomes more and more serious as time passes. In this case the Chinese doctors say the liver is attacking or overacting. The digestive disruption is normally worse if emotional stress is present. Pain patterns can be seen below ribs, with symptoms like insomnia, hormonal imbalances and agitation being very common.

Spleen Qi Deficiencies

Chinese medicine sees the spleen as being the main organ in digestion. A qi deficiency that is connected with a really poor diet filled with refined foods, sweets and fried foods only makes everything a lot worse. Spleen function is also affected by over-thinking. Digestive problems connected with spleen Qi problems will include dampness elements like sticky stools. Abdominal pain appears.

Kidney And Spleen Deficiencies

Kidney yang and spleen QI deficiencies will first result in morning diarrhea, often containing food that is undigested. Such an imbalance will sometimes be accompanied by abdominal pain. Herbal therapy will normally take a long time to treat the digestive issues but it does address underlying causes. Chinese herbal therapy practitioners will never talk about cures. They normally refer to everything as treatment, trying to restore wellness levels, alleviate suffering and restore optimal health.

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Better Digestion Through What You Eat

Chinese medicine always focuses on improving digestion through a proper whole foods diet. You want to choose the foods that are fiber rich like whole grains, legumes and vegetables. Add fruits if you have a sensitive system and do consume the cultured dairy products together with healthy oils when you fry food. All fast foods and processed foods have to be avoided s they will only create more damage for your digestive system.


Stress management is always a huge part of Chinese medicine. Practitioners recommend Qi Gong, Qi and yoga in order to deal with IBS and moderate digestive issues. Stress appears for every single person that is alive. However, after it goes higher than the normal levels, stress has to be seen as being abnormal. It will trigger digestive issues so it has to be reduced.


When faced with digestive system problems, Chinese medicine tries to solve the underlying cause by making your body healthier. What you eat always has a huge impact on everything that happens with your body and your mind. Various special herbs can be recommended but the truth is that balance is the real secret to making the body stronger and reducing digestive symptoms.