Home Remedies For Teething Pain in Babies

By: Dzhingarov

Teething pain is a problem for babies as teething usually happens during the first year. Fortunately, various home remedies are available for parents. Whenever you see the common signs of baby teething (biting, fussiness, excessive drooling, sleeplessness, fever, rubbing cheeks and decreased appetite), focus on the following natural teething remedies. However, do be sure that you talk with a doctor if you notice that they do not work as some medication may be in order.

Lowering Inflammation Through Diet

Inflammation becomes worse because of different white foods like flour, dairy, potatoes and refined sugar. Try to increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, whole eggs and wild seafood. Try to reduce stress by making sure the baby sleeps as much as he needs. Then, be careful with blood sugar swings. Basically, whole food is generally a lot better than processed snacks. You will be surprised to see how much lowering inflammation through diet can do when the baby is teething.

Boost Immune System

While we do not really know if teething is causing colds and fevers as the immune system is lowered but in many cases we see that boosting the immune system helps the baby to better deal with teething pain. Try to continue breastfeeding for the antibodies received and look for a vitamin D supplement. Baby probiotics are also very effective.

Applying Pressure And Cold

Cold will numb the affected area while pressure offers a soothing feeling when gums are inflamed. You can always use a frozen washcloth and allow the baby to chew on it for a while. Then, frozen veggies and fruits can be put in a silicone teether. Even a cold spoon applied to the cheeks can help out much more than what many think. Alternatively, consider making natural teething biscuits that are put in the refrigerator and are a great treat.

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Teething Toys

Although not necessarily a home remedy that you make yourself, you can always buy some from many different stores near where you live or from the internet. The idea is that when the baby has something to chew, the pain will be perceived at a lower level. You just have to be sure that the teething toys you choose are non-toxic and completely safe. Some ideas you can consider include silicone teething rings and wooden teethers.

Herbal Baby Teething Remedies

Herbal remedies have been using by parents for literally hundreds of years now. Some of the more interesting options that have been proven to be pretty good include:

  • Rosehip – Filled with antioxidants and vitamin C, normally offered as tea.
  • Catnip – Because it includes substances that can calm the irritable baby so that rest becomes easier.
  • Chamomile – Helps with both irritability and relaxation.
  • Clove – This natural anesthetic is just as good as using benzocaine when it comes to pain relief.

Generally, the herbs will be used as tea that dampens wash clothes that are eventually frozen.  Obviously, the tea can be given as a drink and it can be rubbed on affected gums. Even herbal infusions can be considered.