How To Perform An Easy At Home Full Body Detox

By: Adrian Cruce

Detox is recommended when the body’s detoxification system cannot function properly. When the amount of inflammatory and unhealthy foods and drinks we consume on a regular basis exceed certain limits, the liver cannot work through all the built-up toxins and most people need a full body detox.

Both the body and the mind can benefit from a full body detox. An average person requires at least one week to process sugar and alcohol, and to remove them from the system. Removing unhealthy foods and beverages from your diet for two weeks is a great way to cleanse your system and to develop new healthy eating habits. There are numerous detox diets you can try, however we do not recommend a very restrictive diet since they do not offer long term results. The best detox diet you can try is one that replaces the high-fat and high-sugar foods with fruits, vegetables and whole foods. After the two weeks of detox you will feel better and hopefully you will be fond of the healthy options on the market. Some people may argue it is impossible to eat healthy, whole foods all the time and we have to agree, but that is not an excuse for indulging in unhealthy treats all the time. Eating healthy 80% of the time and treating yourself with something sweet or with comfort food in the rest of the time is a good option.

Now back to detox, during the two weeks of the detox diet, you can do other things to improve your at home full body detox, such as drinking more water daily, exercise, rest and changing your mindset.

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Drink More Water

“Drink more water” is the advice you will find in every single article about detox or healthy diets but that’s because this step is so, so important. Water is essential for processing and eliminating toxins. For jumpstarting your detox mornings you can squeeze fresh lemon in warm water and drink it.


Exercise is another great way to contribute to your full body detox. When you exercise you sweat and you remove fat and toxins from your body at the same time. Try to avoid intense exercises during the two detox weeks since this can be counter-productive because it can create inflammation. Focus on restorative movements that will get the blood flowing. Yoga, Pilates, walking and jogging are great options for a full body detox. You can also try Bikram yoga, a type of yoga performed in a heated room, or you can go to a sauna or create your own “sauna” in your bathroom at home.


Rest is very important if you really want to obtain the best results during your two weeks of full body detox. A good night sleep does wonders and so does a nap in the middle of the day. If you can’t nap, try to go to bed earlier than usual. Taking valerian or other natural pills half an hour before going to bed can help you to have a better night sleep.

Change Your Mindset

Detoxing is not only for your body but also for your mind. The psychological process of detoxing involves clearing your mind of stress, negative thoughts, doubt and other things that doesn’t allow you to live your life at full potential. “Detox meditation” is a great way to reduce the toxic thoughts and to improve mental functioning. Practicing gratitude is another thing you should incorporate into your two weeks of full body detox. The mind and the body are interconnected so when your mind is calm and peaceful, your body will also feel better.

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