Beauty Treatments After Pregnancy

By: Dzhingarov

Being a mother is a fulfilling experience and a role that shouldn’t be compromised by any other. As a mother, you are required to focus all your time and energy into taking care of your child… Or is it? How much time you are actually allowed to dedicate to yourself?

For new moms there is no greater happiness than spending time with their child. The only downside to this is that you can gradually lose the habit of nurturing yourself, too. After pregnancy, your body has gone through significant transformations and this is why it is absolutely important that you dedicate some time to yourself only.


beauty treatment
By Mislav Marohnić under CC BY-ND 2.0


1. Skin improvements

After the pregnancy, you skin may have got some new features. Stretches are a most frequent consequence of gaining weight during pregnancy and for many women they represent an intolerable skin problem. Eliminating stretch marks can be a lengthy process but the fact is you can get rid of them with an appropriate therapy.

The therapy should include lots of moisturizing oils and the good news is that you don’t have to spend too much money on them. Aloe vera and olive oil based lotions are always recommended medicines because they are very effective for treating different skin diseases. Another efficient home medicine is to simply rub an egg into the problematic areas, as this will help your skin feed with proteins and regenerate faster.

Besides stretch marks, your skin may also get some darkened warts or marks in different areas. If you’re annoyed by these you should find an appropriate kind of pigmentation treatment, such as a bleaching cream with licorice. For some persistent pigmentation issues you can try stronger creams that contain hydroquinone, but only after you stop breastfeeding because it may influence baby’s heath.

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2. Getting back to shape

When you have less time for yourself getting back to shape and fit again may appear as a difficult task. Of course, while you’re breastfeeding you should avoid strict diet but there are still ways for you to gradually lose weight. Start by exercising 15 minutes a day but make it regular. 15 minutes will allow you to do 3 different types of exercises for the body parts you have biggest problems with and this won’t distract you a lot from your other responsibilities. The most important thing is that you make sure you know exact what kind of exercises would help you reduce fat from different body parts. Start doing some light exercises at home and this will surely has some positive long-term effects.

3. Positive energy

Even though giving birth is the most wonderful thing a woman can experience, the period after it can be overly stressful. Stress may negatively affect both yours and your baby’s health which is why you must find ways to dedicate some time for yourself and relax.

One of the best possible ways to do this is going to a spa and choosing a relaxing massage session with aromatic oils or hot stones. Each of these can help you get away from your worries, think and preserve energy for a new day. Furthermore, massage treatments don’t have to be very expensive. A monthly subscription or spa and beauty coupons can be your most efficient, yet cheapest, tools to fight stress and get beautiful because they can provide you with treatments for both your soul and your body.

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Don’t forget that it’s only your positive energy that can help you fight any type of pressure and really enjoy the benefits of being a mother. As now you are burdened with new kind of both physical and mental activities concerning your child’s well-being, you need additional strength to feel good.