How to lower your risk with laser hair removal

By: Dzhingarov

Most people are willing to undergo laser hair removal due to its great array of benefits. However, you might have concerns as to what side effects it may have on your body. Below are some of the things to consider in deciding whether laser hair removal is for you.


Are you qualified for the procedure?

The principle behind laser hair removal is the absorption of energy by the hair follicle. This results in the destruction of the root which will prevent hair from regrowing. The important factor in the process is the colour of your hair and skin. Dark coloured objects can absorb the energy more than light coloured objects. The best candidates are those with fair skin and contrasting hair colour. This will result in the laser easily reaching the follicle during the treatment.

laser hair removal
By Dr. Braun

Laser hair removal is not recommended for people with darker skin and light coloured hair. This increases the risk of the energy being absorbed by the skin which, in the worst case scenario, can result in cancer. Dyeing your hair will not make you a candidate as it can still pose the same risk. Treatment is also not recommended for people with medical problems such as a heart complications or diabetes. This also includes pregnant women and individuals taking medications. These individuals are at risk of some side effects of the procedure including pain and blisters. There are other types of hair removal methods available for them.


Find a reputable clinic

Laser hair removal can be risky if done by an unqualified technician or practitioner as they might use an inappropriate level of energy during the treatment. This may result in damage to an individual’s skin or worse.

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To find a qualified and credible clinic, check on their qualifications. Almost every state requires practitioners to be licensed before providing laser hair treatment. A qualified therapist should be experienced and have operated on other patients before. A good way to check this is to find the feedback from their previous customers. Ask your relatives or co-workers if they have experienced a clinic’s services. You can also find online directories which contain customer feedback of the hair removal shop.


Do not attempt laser hair removal at home

There is portable laser hair removal equipment available in the market. However, doing the treatment on yourself is not advisable. At the cost of convenience and saving money, you might risk damaging your skin.

It is still recommended for you to receive your treatment from a qualified clinic. If you wish for the laser removal procedure to be done at home, certain centres provide this service. They will have their technicians bring a portable laser hair removal device to your house. Inquire with a hair removal clinic near you if they provide this service.

Remember to follow the advice above to help ensure the laser hair removal process is safe for you. If you are not ideal for the treatment, other treatments such as waxing, IPL and electrolysis are also available.