Rehan Jalali, A Natural Bodybuilder

By: Dzhingarov

With hundreds of internationally published articles on supplementation and nutrition, Rehan Jalali is currently known as one of the most appreciated natural bodybuilders in the world.

Moreover, Rehan is also the President of TSRF (The Supplement Research Foundation) and over the years, he has developed tens of dietary supplements to help bodybuilders and athletes grow their muscle mass safely and efficiently. Here you will find out more about Rehan Jalali’s philosophy, accomplishments and evolution.


Rehan Jalali
Picture courtesy of Sporty’s Health


A Closer Look At Rehan Jalali’s Accomplishments

Looking back at the professional accomplishments of Rehan, it is safe to assume that he truly is a multi-talented bodybuilder and writer – he has worked with renowned TV stars and award-winning musicians, helping them prepare for peak appearances in movies and music videos. Over the years, Rehan has also worked with a number of Olympic athletes and he has written several books on nutrition: the Bodybuilding Supplement Guide, the Six Pack Diet Plan or the Ultimate Performance Guide To Fitness Success are only three of the most notable ones.

At the same time, Rehan Jalali has also written countless articles for various magazines, such as Men’s Health, US Weekly, Oxygen, Inside Fitness, MuscleMag International, The Houston Chronicle, Muscle News, Mind And Muscle, Men’s Fitness or Vitamin Retailer. Rehan is a constant content provider for several websites from the fitness and bodybuilding niche as well.

Rehan’s Philosophy – How Did Rehan Jalali Climb The Success Ladder?

Rehan Jalali has a lucrative career in the fitness industry, but few people know that he started his career soon after he was awarded a scholarship that allowed him to study Food Science and Nutrition. He started in fitness and health by competing in numerous powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions for the University of Texas.

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Soon after graduation, he received a job at a fitness magazine and he has brought his contribution to the development of several fitness products. This is how he ended up starting his own line of sports supplements a few years ago.

Over the years, Rehan has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, some of them on CBS and ESPN. Also, Rehan Jalali managed to receive numerous bodybuilding titles and awards, including the title of Mr. Texas at the prestigious title of Ironman bodybuilding champion.

Currently living in Los Angeles, California, Rehan works as a fitness writer and a sports nutritionist and he stays motivated with the help of TV appearances and photo shoots. As he claims, one has to practice what he preaches – this is why he always stays in shape. Some of the fitness and health products Rehan likes to consume include VPX Zi Diet Bars, VPX Zero Impact or Recoverzene. At the moment, he runs his own company and he is committed to helping both professional athletes and amateur bodybuilders to get the body they have always wanted.

It is Rehan’s philosophy that everybody can grow muscle mass in a natural and safe manner, by simply consuming the right type of foods and by having a nutritious, balanced diet. This is exactly what he preaches in the articles he has written for over 25 world-renowned fitness magazines.