The Best Time To Practice Yoga

By: Dzhingarov

When talking about yoga, the entire experience is personal and subjective. We need to think about how you relate to the moon and the sun and your personal rhythm in order to see when the best time to practice yoga is. At the same time, changing seasons can have an impact on the asana that you practice.

yoga practice

There are some that will want to practice in the morning but others will not do anything for one hour after they wake up. We have people that love outdoor activities and individuals that simply hate that. In order to understand when the best time is for you, it is vital that you are patient and that you listen to the hints offered by your body. You will have to think about season and the effect of the temperature on you.

The Routine You Do

Some of the poses will be calming while others will be energizing. Backbends are normally invigorating and you should not do them when you prepare for sleep. The forward bend will be calming and can aid you when you are too stimulated. The sun salutations will create flowing movement and heat. Standing poses can build stamina, strength and an overall grounding sense.


If you take a look at what the teachers tell you, it is a good idea to practice yoga during early evenings and mornings. The morning yoga session will usually be really active. Just make sure that you will finish with Savasana. During the afternoon, you will want to try something different with an emphasis on forward bends, seated.

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The Effect Of The Season

Every single season will bring in modifications to the way in which we practice yoga. In the event that it is really hot during the summer, it is not a good idea to end up overexerting. When you have temperatures that are higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to modify speed of practice. Take advantage of the temperature and adapt the routine so that you would end up feeling even better at the end of your yoga session.

Combining practices is usually a good idea during the summer. That will help you to get even closer to the edge of your body and you make it react differently with every routine. Just make sure that you have a cool washcloth that is available in the event that it is too hot for the end of the routine.

During autumn, temperatures are a lot crisper and milder. This will encourage some energizing movements and you can easily go big. During winter you will want to use more quiet contemplation movements so a focus on forward bends is great, unless you believe that this is a season that negatively affects your psychic. Just make sure that you always warm up the muscles before the routine because of the lower temperatures.

Special attention should be put on spring since this is a truly wonderful season. Sun salutations are great and days become longer. It is a great idea to practice yoga during the mornings. You have brand new beginnings and brand new poses can be introduced.

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One Last Thing

As a general thing that you should remember about practicing yoga, it is a bad idea to practice too frequently. It is always a good idea to choose the best time of practice according to your personal results and not make too many modifications. If you really want to go deeper, you will want to have a general format that you stick with.